David Arquette's Sister No Longer Trans

David Arquette revealed that his sister, Alexis, is no longer transgender. She now refers to herself as "gender suspicious". It sounds like just another idioticgender labeluntil you see Alexis Arquette and realize it's perfect. Suspicious in the least. I'd vote to convict before hearing the charges. He did it. She did it. Help me, your honor, why is her tongue bleeding? Arquettechanged her designation after reality TV...read more

David Arquette True To The Streets

David Arquette was allowed to spray paint a wallofwhich someone else hadalready done the grunt work becausehe's Hollywood royalty and can do whatever he wants so long as it's not on his own. This includes being in movies and committing petty crime although he sucks atboth those things. Stick to your guns and do ecstasyin the guesthouse in your bath robe. The world will get by, trust me on this. This was part of...read more

David Arquette Knocked Up His Girlfriend

I miss the good old days when knocked up Hollywood girls went for back alley abortions. We don't even have back alleys anymore really, they're all posh nightclub entrances now. There's no excitement left in shaming unwed couples banging babies into each other. No hush hush gossip about who's the slut who had to go off to 'Santa Barbara' for the weekend and came back with a nose job and an empty uterus. Now everyone...read more

Monday morning headlines

PETE POSTLEHWAITE - died last night, from cancer. He was 64, and made his career by looking 64 for the past 20 years while being the best actor in movies like the Usual Suspects, Inception, and the Town. Called "the best actor in the world" by Steven Spielberg, he gave a movie credibility and made at least part of it good. I'll get you for this cancer! (people) LINDSAY LOHAN - gets out of rehab today, and this time...read more

Jasmine Waltz is in a bikini, has an amazing ass

Jasmine Waltz of course is the girl who was famous for a week last month because she was dating David Arquette when it was announced he and Courteney Cox were getting a divorce, and today she was at the beach in a bikini. And it... was awesome. I know black guys will be like, "Cracka are you crazy? That ass is terrible. Ghosts are scary. Where's my kool aid? Obama deserves two terms to implement his policies", but...read more

Monday afternoon headlines

LILY ALLEN - has suffered a miscarriage for the second time in three years. This weekend she lost her baby 6 months into her pregnancy. In January 2008, she suffered a similar fate after just one month. (the sun) COURTENEY COX - told Australia's TV Week that she is not getting a divorce from David Arquette. "Still, Cox acknowledges that she and her husband of 11 years are no longer on the same page. 'Sometimes you...read more

Jasmine Waltz had a sexy mugshot

Jasmine Waltz, the girl who started dating David Arquette after he and Courteney Cox quietly separated about a month ago, is on the verge of being arrested for stealing my heart, by the love police, and hopefully her mugshot will be as hot as the one she took in 2000 (full size here) after being arrested in Orange County, Florida, for, "possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis." It was a misdemeanor and she pled...read more

Jasmine Waltz had tons of sex with David Arquette

When David Arquette told Howard Stern yesterday that he was dating 28 year old bartender Megan Fox Jasmine Waltz and that the rumors about his impending divorce from Courteney Cox were true, he also said that he and Jasmine have already had sex. Once. Maybe twice. And for some reason people took that literally because today Jasmine would like to make it clear that she slept with another womans husband WAAYYY more than...read more

David Arquette admits cheating on Courteney Cox

Yesterday it was reported that David Arquette maybe had a new girlfriend, 28-year-old bartender Jasmine Waltz, but instead of being happy for him, his wife Courteney Cox decided they should separate after 11 years of marriage. In her defense, the rumors are true, and Arquette admitted it this morning in an interview with Howard Stern. (Arquette said) he wasn't living with Waltz, "but I did have sex with her one time,...read more

Monday afternoon headlines

COURTENEY COX - is single, and has been for a few months. She split from David Arquette after 11 years of marriage because of pictures showing him hanging out with another woman. Hopefully it will be Angelina Jolie, just to watch Jennifer Aniston go all apeshit. (tmz) MINKA KELLY - is the daughter of a single mom. Who was a stripper. While she raised Minka. If this chick doesn't do anal, it will shatter everything I...read more

friday morning headlines

DAVID ARQUETTE - was at the Laker - Thunder game, game 5 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs, when he and three others gave their courtside seats to a group of war veterans. His sacrifice was a nice way to honor their sacrifice. Then he went home to his mansion, banged his sexy wife and rolled around on a pile of her money. On second thought, fuck this guy. (people) TIGER WOODS - reportedly slept with 121 women...read more