Hasselhoff Has Nothing Left, Or a Hundred Million

David Hasselhoff is in court trying to get his alimony payments to his ex-wife Pamela Back reduced from a couple hundred grand a year closer to a number resembling zero. Hasselhoff claims he has four grand left in the bank. Bach's attorneys did some digging and claim Hasselhoff is worth north of a hundred million and is still taking in over a million a year in new income. That's pretty decent "what the fuck does he do...read more

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DAVID HASSELHOFF - spent two days in a London hospital this week after a drinking binge that lasted for days. You really have to wonder why someone would do this. Considering there's so much legal weed only an hour away by plane. (the sun) NIC CAGE - owes over 6 million dollars in back taxes. Might be a bad idea to cheat the IRS when your income is listed in a number of prominent daily Hollywood newspapers. (tmz) JON...read more


TMZ reported late last night that Haley Hasselhoff, the 14 year-old-daughter of David Hasselhoff, had attempted suicide. The report was based on a call made by David to 911 operators where he claimed his daughter had cut herself and needed emergency care. But David’s ex-wife Pamela Bach denies this was ever the case. She says Haley was scratched by a house cat, and that David knew this and she has no idea why he called...read more