Marc Anthony Pays A Lot Of Fucking Child Support

By Michael February 26, 2014 @ 4:08 PM

98-pound Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony may have to pay a shit ton more child support to Dayanara Torres, his lady just before Jennifer Lopez.¬†Anthony had to disclose his net worth in a court case in which Torres claims she isn’t getting enough money to feed her baby esqueletos. Anthony submitted documents that show that he is inexplicably worth over $20 million and earns about $1.25 million a month. This makes Dayanara’s claim that she deserves more than a measly $13k a month sound valid. She’s now demanding $113k a month, I guess so she can buy her kids trendy clothes made out of unicorn scrotums. For 13k a month I would let Marc Anthony spray an entire litter in my birth canal.

This just goes to show that whether you are rich or poor it is always best to keep the amount of kids you spread around to a minimum. He pays J-Lo for the womb ferrets he put in her as well. How much do you think Kanye is going to have to pay Kim K in child support when he tires of her feral anal gland scents? Part of the make-up of these kinds of guys is their belief that God has instructed them to bring forth their glorious reproductions. It’s an expensive hobby, though still cheaper than a boat.