Amy Winehouses COD is a baffling mystery

For some inexplicable reason, there are two very different pictures being painted today about the death of Amy Winehouse. Report after report claim there were "no sign of drugs" at her house (um, except for the dead 27-year-old with all the track marks). In fact the Sun leaves open the possibility that maybe she just ascended into heaven. TRAGIC Amy Winehouse may have been dead for up to six hours before her body more

Roger Ebert should keep his chin up

Just hours after the news broke yesterday that 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn killed himself and a friend by getting drunk and then driving a race car in the dark, Roger Ebert went on his twitter and wrote: "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive." And about 8 hours later, other 'Jackass' star/complete pussy Bam Margera replied... "I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece more

Ryan Dunn died in a car crash

'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn and his passenger were killed last night after the 2007 Porsche 911 he was driving went off the road near his home in West Goshen Township, PA. Though he posted the picture above just 3 hours before the accident, it's not known if he was drunk and what role, if any, alcohol played in the accident. TMZ says... (Police) say Dunn's car was "fully engulfed in flames" when officials arrived to more

Macho Man Randy Savage died today

Macho Man Randy Savage, one of the most popular WWE superstars of all time, died this morning in a car accident near his home in Tampa, Florida. He was 58. TMZ says Macho was driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler when he had a heart attack, lost control of his car, and collided head-on with a tree. So at least he gave those around him one last thrill and a chance to scream. Although in this case it was the people more

Monday morning headlines

LITTLE FOCKERS won the weekend box office with a lower than expected $34 million, but the real story was that Gullivers Travels absolutely bombed, opening at number 7 with just $7.2 million. Actually "bomb" might not be a fitting description, because I'd much rather be in a room with an actual bomb than a Jack Black movie. (variety) TENNA MARIE - died of natural causes over the weekend at age 54, and apparently more

gary coleman had a restraining order on his wife

(note - this shit is depressing, so a hot girl with big tits sticking her tongue out sent me her picture to help in a "spoonful of sugar" kind of way) Just in case there weren't enough reasons to think Shannon Price killed her ex-husband Gary Coleman, Radar reports today that he secretly filed for a restringing order against her, and it proves that he considered her violent, vindictive, greedy, and dangerous. Oh, more

morning headlines

GARY COLEMANS - ex wife only got $10,000 for the pictures she took while Gary died (sold to the Globe) because even other tabloids couldn't bring themselves to stoop so low. That's the good news. But she probably killed him and is getting away with it. That's bad. But it comes with your choice of toppings! Homer: "That's good!" Old man: "The toppings contain potassium benzoate..." Homer: (confused look) Old more

monday afternoon headlines

GARY COLEMANS - ex wife is doing everything she can to look as guilty as possible, including cremating his body and selling pictures she took of him while he died and after he died. She also got one of those full size rear window stickers that says "fuck tha police". (tmz, tmz) ANGELINA JOLIE - reportedly slept with Ethan Hawke while he was married to Uma Thurman. Why would Hawke sleep with a girl way way more

this bitch is so guilty

Gary Colemans ex wife is way, way too dumb to talk her way out of anything, much less murder, but that means she's also too dumb to realize she's too dumb to talk her way out of anything, and so therefore she won't stop talking. In fact she did another interview with Good Morning America over the weekend. She showed up in a wheelchair for no particular reason, and then did everything but confess. WHAT HAPPENED: " more

Rue McClanahan is dead

'Golden Girls' star Rue McClanahan died today at the age of 76, after complications of being 76. Did people think she was immortal or something? She had to die at some point. Good riddance you old bitch. The real headline this morning should be about Nicole, who wants to be a Suicide Girl, so she sent all of us a video of her rubbing her naked chest. Tyler isn't a sad page about the elderly being gripped by the more

gary colemans wife is helpful

Gary Colemans 911 call, the call made by his wife after he slipped and hit his head (he of course died 2 days later) has been released and it's pretty damn depressing. His worthless wife describes the scene but doesn't do much else because all the blood is freaking her out. USA Today says... "I really don't know what happened! There's a lot of blood on the floor.... There's blood all over. And I can't do anything." more

dennis hopper has died

Hollywood only has a handful of actors who are truly original. Who don't just read the words on the page like a god damn monkey. Most movies have actors who sound like a ghost hunter trying to contact the other side. Two. Hours. Of. Robotic. Line reads. There are only a few who can make anything interesting. Gary Oldman. Benecio Del Toro. Ian McKellen. Vincent D'Onofrio and Christopher Walken. It's probably around more

gary coleman has died

Beloved 80‘s sitcom star Gary Coleman died earlier today at the age of 42. Did the troubled child star follow in the footsteps of 'Different Strokes' co-star Dana Plato and take his own life? We'll let you know after this break. And we're back. No it wasn't suicide. He actually died today in a Salt Lake City hospital after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage. Coleman had been hospitalized in Provo, Utah more

monday night headlines

LINDSAY LOHAN - says she always intended to return home in time for her court date, yet she couldn't produce a plane ticket when asked for one in court today. But I bet it's just an honest mistake. I just get an honest vibe when I look at Lindsay. (radar) PAUL DEDRICK GRAY - is the bass player for Slipknot, and he was found dead today in a hotel in Iowa. 'Psychosocial' is an awesome song, so this bums me out. What more

this is a tragic loss

Corey Feldman has taken to his blog to issue a statement on the death of his frequent co-star Corey Haim, or at least I think he did because he wrote it in a dark blue font on a black background. It's like reading a message between two spies. This is a tragic loss of a wonderful,beautiful,tormented soul, who will always be my brother,family, and best friend. We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the more