Dean McDermott Headed to a Fate Worse Than Sex With Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott's calling in life seems to be making babies. It's not a bad gig if you can get it, especially if you never have to pay for them.  read more

Dean McDermott Is Above Paying Child Support

When you’re $100,000 arrears on child support that you don’t plan on paying most likely your name is Dean McDermott. If it’s not then you’re also another fine example of a deadbeat dad minus Tori Spelling as a spouse.  read more

Tori Spelling Breeding Program Continues Unabated

Tori Spelling is reproducing like somebody known primarily for a cheating husband and being consistently late on rent. It's unclear if all of Spelling's relationship and financial disasters are real or staged for the cameras of her various second tier basic cable reality... read more

Tori Spelling Making More Babies

Tori Spelling is having yet another child because her horny husband needs to fuck somebody. Her reality show profile is broke-ass cheated on wife with anxiety disorders and an arm still fried from going bushwhack on a Benihana hibachi. Makes sense to bring another child... read more

Tori Spelling Tried Some Kinky Shit to Keep Dean Interested (VIDEO)

I don't care if it's a request for basic bit of shtupping or some kinky ass shit she heard from a sex doctor on Sirius, you never turn down a woman. It's like a Japanese sushi chef requesting you sample his signature roll. You turn that toro away and you might as well... read more

Dean McDermott Faces Another Challenge In His Marriage To Tori Spelling (VIDEO)

The main theme of True Tori has been that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are trying to work through his infidelity and addictions so they can continue to have a good marriage and make enough money on TV shows so she doesn't have to sell their crap to strangers anymore.... read more

Dean McDermott Gets Tori Some Lingerie

It's always a little awkward as a man shopping for the little lady in a lingerie store alone. Even if you had some idea what she might like, you have no clue what might fit her. If you're Dean McDermott, you're stuck there awkwardly pantomiming for a sales girl, 'Yeah,... read more

Dean McDermott Had The Best Reason For Cheating On Tori Spelling (VIDEO)

Tori Spelling's troubled husband, Dean McDermott, claims that he has a brain that "wants him dead" in the latest clip from Lifetime's "docu-series" True Tori, which tells the scripted and money-needing story of this married couple struggling to get past Dean's addictions... read more

Tori Spelling Just Isn't Enough In Bed (VIDEO)

Thanks to Oprah Winfrey taking advantage of Lindsay Lohan's pathetic desperation for money and attention, the "docu-series" is the hot new way of referring to a washed up celebrity's reality show without making it sound like she'd eat shit off a sidewalk for $100.... read more

Tori Spelling's Husband Is Headed to Rehab

I bet if they changed the name 'rehab' to 'giant pussy convalescent center' less celebrities would issue heartfelt public statements about heading off to Malibu for three weeks of cigarettes and counseling. Tori Spelling's husband is going, though it's not exactly clear... read more

Tori Spelling's Boobs Could Use a Shot of Super Soldier Serum

I bet Tori Spelling is feeling pretty stupid about ditching her first husband, banging a married Canadian and convincing him to drop his wife to make fresh babies inside of her. Or maybe not. Because her next five life-story books are going to be even better than her... read more

Tori Spelling's Husband Might've Made A Baby With The Chick He Banged

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to impregnate women not our wives. That crazy Dean McDermott just can't quit making babies. His last wife, his current wife, random Canadian chicks in hotel rooms who can't find real celebrities to make them feel... read more