Deimante Guobyte in A Bikini

I'm getting really fucking close to learning this girls name. I'm perhaps one solid wardrobe malfunction away from assigning the frontal lobe power required to pronounce a foreign name. It's too late for the current generation, but it would be nice if we started limiting the number of girl names worldwide. We could just call the oblong and unattractive babies, Lena, the middling girls we'd rely on someday to fix more

Deimante Guobyte In A Black Bikini At The Beach In Miami

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Deimante Guobyte In A Striped Bikini

I can't begin to pronounce this girl's name. I bet if I were Lithuanian, I could speak it effortlessly and hold my potato-brewed liquor four times better. She's a model currently dating Maxwell, whose name I can pronounce but I have little fucking clue who he is. I know he sings that song This Woman's Work that becomes so falsetto at some point that the sperm in your epididymis actually begin to weep. I guess more