Lindsay and her mom got in a fight, 4 police cars called

Lindsay Lohan was out drinking with her mom last night, a Tuesday, until about 7am this morning, and that's actually the least fucked up part of this entire story. After that, they were driven back to the Lohan house in North Merrick, Long Island, and got into a fight that left Lindsay with a cut on her leg and brought "at least four police cars and an emergency service vehicle" to the scene. "(Lindsay) was more

this is where Lindsay learned to lie and steal

There's a rumor out today that Lindsay Lohans mom Dina ran up a $1,100 tab during a charity event in the Hamptons and left without paying, but it's not true. It was actually a $2,500 tab. The New York Post says... (Dina was) offered four complimentary tickets to new East Hampton restaurant hot spot Andrra on Saturday night (but) arrived with eight people. "They dined and dashed on a $2,500 check and didn't leave more

Dina Lohan is ready to sell out Lindsay

Dina Lohan is reportedly shopping a tell all book about Lindsay to explain how things went so wrong, and you'll be shocked to hear that a Lohan is taking no responsibility whatsoever and this is all someone else's fault. A few excerpts... "I blamed her friends, her career and her handlers for an (sic) newfound lifestyle of partying excessively. Drinking, drugging and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay's way more

Dina Lohan told Fox this is "defamation of character"

Way back in December of 2006, Lindsay Lohan sent out a drug fueled text telling other celebrities that they should sue the tabloids for defamation of character, even though she doesn't know what that means. "Let's sue the tabloids for saying the things they say. Defamation of character. Amongst other illegal accusations, I will repeat this over and over to make my point. I am not fully aware of what these, again, more

Dina Lohan is a liar. Also a complete c*nt.

Dina Lohan lies from start to finish every single day, and this morning on the Today show was no exception. The most insulting part was in the 22 second clip above, when she said Lindsay had only been in a drug rehab twice, and then smirked condescendingly at Matt Lauer because he thought she had been there 4 times. He was under that impression because 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 equals 4. 1. On January 17th, 2007 she checked more

Dina Lohan should be set on fire

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Yesterday it was reported that Lindsay Lohan may not be spending 90 days in rehab, because the judge that sentenced her has since recused herself (*). Now, instead of doing a 45-day program twice, which is apparently common, Lindsay might do it once (though in all likelihood, the new judge will order her to stay for the full 90). Naturally, more

dina says lindsay has done "absolutely nothing wrong"

Lindsay Lohan started drinking again Sunday night, and her lawyer admits it, but Lindsays mom Dina is taking it all in stride. And by that I mean she's a reprehensible cunt who refuses to discipline her whore daughter, who now lives in a world of delusion where she's never at fault and everyone who thinks otherwise is just jealous. For example... "She was at the MTV Awards and somebody spilled a drink on her leg, more

lindsay has not applied for a new passport

For someone who lies as much as Lindsay Lohan does, you'd really think she'd have a better grasp of how it works by now. Just because some lonely idea has appeared inside your drug riddled mind doesn't mean it was the winning plan. When Lindsay claims all the flights are full or she has to wait for a new passport, she might as well say she has to stay because she was elected mayor. All her stupid claims can more

monday night headlines

PEOPLE WHO READ TYLER - are concerned. About something. I'm not sure what though. Earthquakes? That can't be right. For future reference, if you want me to read your email, don't be real hot and certainly don't include pictures where I can look down your shirt. This link could give everyone some terrible virus for all I know, or just be a .pdf with my social security number, birthday and credit scores. (blaghag) more

thursday night headlines

MATT AND TREY - say Comedy Central removed a speech about "intimidation and fear" from last nights episode after some dim witted muslims threatened to kill them. The group says South Park insulted their prophet by depicting him in a bear costume. To make matters worse, now a bear group is threatening to eat Matt and Trey for depicting one of them as one of those dirty islam idiots. (yahoo) SANDRA BULLOCK - more

friday afternoon headlines

JESSE JAMES - is hoping time in rehab and some privacy will save his marriage. He also thinks maybe some aspirin will bring Brittany Murphy back to life. (the ap) DINA LOHAN - says the report that Lindsay was behind on her rent is a complete lie and Lindsay is doing great. Man, what a relief. I was worried that Lindsay might be in some kind of trouble. Seems silly in hindsight. (radar) LINDSAY LOHAN - did bounce more

"Mommy, help me. How can they do this?"

You might want to put some pillows behind you in case you faint, but Lindsay Lohan is a self-centered brat and Dina Lohan is an enabler who lies every time she talks. Like yesterday, for example, when she explained Lindsays 100 million dollar lawsuit. The New York Post says... (After Lindsay saw the ad), "She said, 'Mommy, help me. This is wrong. How can they do this?' " Dina Lohan said of a tearful phone call more

michael lohan is in big trouble. but not really.

Do you see now why a Lindsay picture ban is long overdue? But, whatever. More to the point, TMZ has lost their minds. Today they have the breathless headline that Michael Lohan may face jail time because he gave Radar Online recordings of several phone calls between himself, Lindsay and his ex wife Dina. Michael Lohan could wind up behind bars for his despicable decision to release secret recordings of his family' more

Dina on Lindsay: "She'd like, punch me in the face..."

Radar has another Lindsay Lohan audio clip up today, this time from Dina Lohan (her mom) to Michael Lohan (her dad). This one is from September of last year, and here Dina says she tried to get Lindsay to go to rehab but Lindsay didn't want to. Quick to give up at things, that was pretty much the end of that. "You don't even know what I'd go through trying to get her into, like, rehab and stuff. She'd like, punch more

morning headlines

MICHAEL VICK - will have a reality show on BET to chronicle his life since being released from prison. It will be "serious and somber" and "revisit the Virginia property where he ran and financed a dogfighting ring." This show sounds fun. I like shows where, after they're over, I sit in my bath tub hugging my knees and crying. (la times) DINA LOHAN - has a new line of shoes, called Shoe-Han. "Lo" and "shoe" don' more