DMX Is Breathless And Shit Around The Web

DMX was rushed to the hospital for what he claims was a bad asthma attack. He had to be resuscitated by paramedics after he was found unresponsive. There is a suspicion by the cops that drugs were involved because that's what obviously happened. Read more about his "asthma attack". (TMZ) Bai Ling wears some pink fuzzy monkeys and nothing else. (Last Men On Earth) Olivia Rose is thick and topless, just how I like ' more

DMX Isn't Fighting George Zimmerman Anymore

Much to the surprise of nobody, the celebrity boxing match between rapper DMX and George Zimmerman that was announced on Trayvon Martin's birthday has been canceled. Promoter Damon Feldman decided that after he'd been called every horrible name in the world by people on Twitter for the last week, he wanted to do whatever wouldn't get him killed, and that was canceling the fight. Naturally, he's a man of the people more

DMX Has Agreed To Fight George Zimmerman

I don't know which dictionaries the people behind celebrity boxing are using these days, but the last time I checked, shooting a teenager and becoming the bloated face of both America's gun control debate and the current state of racism doesn't make a guy a celebrity. But that's what Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman is calling George Zimmerman in his latest bid for attention, and it's working because 15, more

DMX Streaked Because His Dick Is Big

We told you last week about DMX going for a bizarre late night streak in a Detroit hotel. A reasonable person, (so, not DMX), might ask, "Why would you do such a thing?" or "Why are you trying to frighten little old cleaning ladies and the three tourists a year who visit Detroit?" DMX revealed his thinking behind the incident to TMZ: "I got a big dick and I like to show it off." Right now I'm searching my feelings more

DMX Streaks Through A Detroit Hotel

DMX surprised the staff at a hotel in Detroit by running naked through the hallways. It's unclear why the rapper decided to let his dog out for the poor cleaning lady to see, other than the fact that he is baby eating crazy and super fucking high most of his waking hours. The best part of this security footage is how nonchalant the employees are trying to be. Then again, in Detroit they've probably seen far worse. more


You guys have probably already read the Ocotber issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, but if you havent, don’t miss the article where DMX’s wife explains how its cool that her husband had a baby with some random woman, because he got raped. So it wasn’t his fault. Because thug rapper DMX was raped. By a girl. A girl held down DMX and had her way with him. And then got she pregnant. Because he was helpless. And his more