Shelly Sterling Gets Her Shit Back

The timeless battle between unstoppable shrew and unmovable whore ended when a judge ruled that V. Stiviano had to return the condo and the Bentley and other expensive gifts totaling $2.8 million from Donald Sterling back to Shelly Sterling because Stiviano never Quickbooks invoiced him formally for handies. Shelly Sterling argued that Stiviano suckered her batshit crazy husband into giving her the booty that more

Donald Sterling Reunites With Whore

Police were called to Donald Sterling's house, presumably by Shelly Sterling who has an army of nosy yenta neighbors peering through their yellow tinged blinds. Shelly had received word that V. Stiviano was back on the grounds of Camp Geezer Fuck. Shelly despises Stiviano, not because she had a loving marriage broken asunder but because Stiviano her honey paws into the Sterling family till. Nobody in this more

Donald Sterling Prefers Dudes And Shit Around The Web

According to momentarily famous sex troll, V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling is gay. She says that she never actually touched his shriveled up tool because he prefers the touch of another man. This contradicts other shit she's said in the past. Could she be the world's first dishonest whore? Read all about V. being a beard for the old man. (Dlisted) Jessica Hart looking hot as balls in GQ. Hot.As.Balls. (Popoholic) more

Donald Sterling Sues Everybody

Donald Sterling has filed a civil suit against his strangle estranged wife Shelly, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and the entire NBA. Basically he's putting everyone he is pissed at into one giant group and suing the shit out of them. He narrowly left out the guy who fucked up his sandwich order yesterday. Does Donald look like he can chew through a roll? The monster lawsuit is seeking compensation forbreach more

Donald Sterling Bought A New Whore at the Whore Store

Donald Sterling is apparently banging Raquel Lee, or at least buying her a bunch of expensive shit while he tries to get his dick hard enough to penetrate her 100 point skee ball hole. Lee is a woman with an eclectic background. She had some minor acting rolls nearly a decade ago and has most recently gone method to play a whore on Real Husbands of Hollywood. She also runs with V Stiviano, Rob Kardashian and a more

Donald Sterling's Doctor Might Be Crazy Too

One of the doctors who determined Donald Sterling was too bat shit to decide the fate of the Clippershad dinner and drinks with him and his wife after the examination. Dr. Meril Platzer probably waited for Sterling to pick up the check at the Polo Lounge before she gave him the diagnosis of dementia. Donald Sterling's lawyers will attempt to prove Platzer is a wormy sociopath with ulterior motives. She clearly knew more

Donald Sterling Back to Suing

Billionaire racist and aficionado of conniving and possibly transgendered women of undetermined racial makeup with lengthy criminal histories Donald Sterling has decided to go back on his word and sue the NBA for forcing him to sell The Clippers. Sterling, who either has early onset dementia or is falsely advertising this fact to cover for his demented statements, had apparently agreed to let the team go without more

Donald Sterling Kind of Won, Didn't He?

As far as punishments go, being forced to sell the NBA franchise you bought for $12 million for $2 billion to one of the Microsoft guys is somewhere on the scale just beneath, and now you must have sex with Candice Swanepoel until your dick hurts, a lot. Take that. As Donald Sterling slips further into dementia, he goes there knowing he mostly won. The NBA has been trying to get rid of him for thirty-three years more

Donald Sterling is a Quitter

Donald Sterling is relinquishing his half of the Clippers to his lovely wife Shelly who now can sell the franchise off to Fat Oprah or Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber. This will relieve the NBA of having to gin up a show trial in June to prove how much they hate racism more than you do. For all his faults, the one thing you could count on with Donald Sterling was commitment. Whether to running a losing more

Rihanna Puts Her Titties in Donald Sterling's Face

I had to stop paying attention to Donald Sterling after hearing about V. Stiviano and his crinkled peen. It's like walking in on your parents having sex, if your dad is 80 and your mom is a young Mexican hooker wearing a dental hygienists visor. But Rihanna isn't aborting her civil rights vigilance. Sometimes, it's easy to forget the role celebrities play in advancing important social causes through both re-Tweets more

Magic Johnson And His The AIDS Are the Real Villain

They've yet to invent a better way to deflect negative attention than by denouncing other people for even worse shit. It worked in third grade, it works when you get arrested, it works in the White House when the jobs number suck. It's loathsome, but only because it's a sure winner. Donald Sterling might not be so big on his arm candy being seen with black men,but he's not as bad as Magic Johnson, or so he more

Donald Sterling Is Really Sorry And Wants Forgiveness Now (VIDEO)

Clippers owner Donald Sterling granted an interview to CNN's Anderson Cooper to finally explain his side of the racist story, and the squinty bastard covered his bases by first crying and begging for forgiveness, claiming that this was the first and only mistake that he's made in his 35 years as an owner in the NBA, and then he also played the old and confused card. His wife, Shelly, is also trying to convince the more

V. Stiviano Adopted Two Cambodian Boys While She Was With Donald Sterling

Because it was simply the right time for her to do it, V. Stiviano finalized the adoption process for two young Cambodian boys who she had been fostering for several years, according to Radar. Donald Sterling's mistress met the boys when she was working for the LA County District Attorney, but now that she's got that NBA owner coin in her bank account – the same coin that has her being investigated for extortion – more

Donald Sterling Regrets Not Clamming His Hooker With Cash

Donald Sterling has been holed up in a lavish Four Seasons suite since he turned into the poster geezer for secretly recorded audio taped racism in the U.S.A. I don't know what he's been doing in racist virtual prison, but he looks like a million goddamn Just For Men dollars. In the latest edition of Du Jour magazine, a journal for really rich people who enjoy their martinis dry and their young ethnic prostitutes wet, more

NBA Gives Donald Sterling the Death Penalty

In what will be thoughtlessly lauded as a brave and precedent setting move, the comic book villainlooking new NBA commissioner gave Donald Sterling the Pete Rose styledlifetime ban from the NBA, fined him a shit ton of cash, and with what will surely be a soon to come 3/4 vote of the owners, force Donald Sterling to sell his franchise to the highest bidder. And for what? Because his hooker illegally taped him more