Dr. Drew Joked That Belle Knox’s Dad Should Kill Himself (VIDEO)

By Travis March 19, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

The Duke porn star who was outed by one of her douchebag friends was a guest on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call yesterday, during which the host and a panel of perfect so-called experts did their best to talk louder than her to prove that they’re right and she’s wrong. Belle Knox probably shouldn’t be subjecting herself to cable news debate shows if she wants people to take her seriously, especially if she wants to avoid jokes like the one that Dr. Drew made at her expense, saying that if he was her dad, he’d be “chomping down on a cyanide capsule,” but she still handled herself well and didn’t look like an idiot. Belle also clearly didn’t care for the joke, but for future reference, the proper response is always: “Why don’t you go ahead and give it a try right now, asshole.” Keep that one handy, porn lady.

lindsay is a degenerate and should be arrested

By brendon April 16, 2010 @ 3:07 PM


Just yesterday someone sent me an email to suggest one reason why Lindsay Lohan is never seen without her Parliament cigarettes.

Parliaments are one of the only cigarettes that offer a reservoir tip at the end of the filter (making them ) a hot item within the world of cocaine, because they like to put a little bump of powder into the tip, and then do whatever degenerate drug users do after that.

Lindsay is well known to trick everyone around by “hiding” vodka in a water bottle, so it’s 100 percent believable that she would do the same with her beloved cocaine. So what can be done about this dumb bitch? Dr. Drew has a pretty awesome theory…

“If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested. I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail. I would then go to the judge and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three year sobriety program.”

And of course all the liberal pussies are complaining that Drews plan would, “put her at risk of being beaten or shot by the cops.” Oh no. Can’t have that.

I fucking hate drug addicts. Selfish cunts. Who gives a shit if they die. If this dumb bitch kills some innocent bystander, after everyone knew she was completely out of control and did nothing about it, I’m gonna lose my mind. I’d go to her arraignment and thrash around like a crazy monkey, yelling and screaming and flailing around, throwing anything I can grab and jumping up and down on a table.


By brendon June 12, 2008 @ 8:13 AM

"Loveline" and "Celebrity Rehab" host Dr. Drew has an interview in next months Playboy magazine, and in it he makes a casual reference to Tom Crusie.  Drew said…

"A lot of people in the public eye who behave strangely have mental illness we can learn from, and much of it is based on childhood trauma, without a doubt. Take a guy like Tom Cruise. Why would somebody be drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology? To me, that's a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood – maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect."

And since Tom Cruise will attack anyone who speaks out, his attorney Bert Fields had a comment for Page Six:

"This unqualified television performer who is obviously just looking for notoriety is so grotesquely unprofessional as to pretend to diagnose Tom and others without ever meeting them. He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill. The last time we heard garbage like this was from Joseph Goebbels."

Keep in mind two things: 1) Dr. Drew is not a “television performer.”  He’s a board-certified internist and addiction medicine specialist who teaches at USC.   2)  Tom Cruise has admitted on several occasions that he suffered abuse as a child from his father, whom his mother left when he was 12.  Cruise attended 11 different schools as kid, all across the US and Canada, and says he was frequently a victim of bullying.  In other words, Drew was 100 percent right, but whatever.  You can bet Scientology isn’t done.  They’ll sue him, and Playboy, then they’ll get some voodoo woman to sneak up behind Drew and blow some powder in his face and he’ll wake up 4 days later covered in warts and thinking his furniture is made of snakes.