Doctor Phil Unsuccessful At Turning Tony Hawk Disciple Into Roadkill

Dr. Phil unfortunately struck a skateboarder with his Mercedes. While going Grand Theft Auto in real life may be tempting to avoid legal liability to an injured party, it’s still against the law and American principles in that order.  read more

Sinead O'Connor Hits Rock Bottom, Finds Dr. Phil

After about your seventeenth published suicide video, he will come to you. Dr. Phil's like Candyman, only he offers reasonably lucrative paid appearance contracts. Also, you can spin pretty much any story you like provided you weep and accept his counsel in the end. read more

Aaron Hernandez' Fiancee Shares It All With Dr. Phil

Aaron Hernandez' fiancee, Shayanna Jenkens, found herself facing Dr. Phil on the fake home interview set. This is no cakewalk. Your appearance fee is for more than looking good and crying thrice. Dr. Phil wants answers. read more

Mischa Barton Seeks Dr. Phil's Wise Counsel

Mischa Barton's taped an episode of Dr. Phil that will explain how she's the unwitting victim of an ex-boyfriend's secretly recorded sex tape. Also, how her half-naked fence post rantings are the result of being slipped various chemical cocktails by a Mordor ring wearing... read more

Dr. Phil Might Be Exploiting Mentally Disturbed Guests (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil is teasing his big get of super fucking crazy Shelly Duvall. She was at one time a fairly big named actress. That time was thirty plus years ago. Now she's a mentally ill senior citizen who Dr. Phil's producers arranged to have on the show so she could say wacky... read more

Dr. Phil Has Questions

Dr. Phil doesn't just inuit stuff in his giant melon brain, he goes out and does his research. Like learning if it's cool to nail a drunk girl. This may or may not pertain to a show he's putting together. And it pissed off a lot of people who are wondering why the... read more

Dr Phil molested some woman

A 44-year-old mom named Sara Morrison claims that Dr. Phil fondled and sexually abused her when she was a college sophomore who saw him as a patient in 1984. But in a new interview, she says the years have brought forgiveness and even sympathy. "Dr. Phil is a monster!"... read more