Dr. Phil Has Questions

Dr. Phil doesn't just inuit stuff in his giant melon brain, he goes out and does his research. Like learning if it's cool to nail a drunk girl. This may or may not pertain to a show he's putting together. And it pissed off a lot of people who are wondering why the question needed to be asked in the first place. But a man of science like Dr. Phil is not about to let political correctness thwart his sacred journey to...read more

Dr Phil molested some woman

A 44-year-old mom named Sara Morrison claims that Dr. Phil fondled and sexually abused her when she was a college sophomore who saw him as a patient in 1984. But in a new interview, she says the years have brought forgiveness and even sympathy. "Dr. Phil is a monster!" Oh wait never mind. Sara Morrison is speaking out, divulging sickening details of sexual abuse. "I suffered from low self-esteem, and I was depressed,...read more