Fast and Furious 9 Falling Apart Because Of Tyrese/Rock Feud

Tyrese is a multitasker. When he’s not flying planes over his daughter’s school to dodge restraining order restrictions he’s crying about Dwayne being more successful. read more

The Rock’s Rant Regarding Tyrese

Getting read your wrongs by the Rock doesn’t happen everyday anymore. But when it did, it was typically followed by the people’s elbow.  read more

Tyrese Bitches at The Rock For Being More Successful

Fast and Furious 9 has been pushed back from 2019 to a 2020 release date. If you've lost your will to live, people will understand. Tyrese Gibson publicly blamed the year longer wait on Dwayne Johnson and his producing partner pushing back the schedule to better fit their... read more

Tyrese Gibson Mad At Dwayne Johnson For Fast And Furious Spin-Off

Count on a man invited at the middle of a franchise series to run away with a spin-off. The complement "stealing the show" shouldn't encourage an actor to actually do it. But tell that to Dwayne Johnson. read more

Mark Wahlberg Highest Paid Actor

Women, and the men who are scared of them, are already complaining about how much money Mark Wahlberg, and second place earner, The Rock, make in annual movie pay compared to leading actresses. It's easy to complain about numbers when eliminating science from your... read more

The Rock And Vin Diesel Butt Hurt

Dwayne Johnson apparently legitimately hates Vin Diesel. It likely started with Vin acting like a prick because he's jealous of The Rock. Basically, Diesel is a shorter, more doughy Dwayne Johnson and probably has issues with his sexuality, whereas Johnson could get a BJ... read more

Dwayne Johnson Vin Diesel Feud Has Legs

The Rock vs Vin Diesel is not really a fair fight. One of them is super jacked and killing it in movies and TV, the other one is a closet gay walking punchline with high body fat who appears to have either cerebral palsy or a learning disability or both. read more

Zac Efron and The Rock Have Cheat Days

New America's icons of masculinity, Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, have "cheat days." They claim that these are days when they cheat on their strict diets, which they're on for the upcoming Baywatch movie no one was clamoring for. Efron also gets one day to... read more

Seismologist Needs Her Faults Greased

US Geological Survey seismologist Dr Lucy Jones went to the premier of the earthquake disaster movie San Andreas and live tweeted her scientific critiques of the film. Doing either of these things alone would make you an asshole. There's a special place in hell for... read more

Dwayne Johnson Arguably The Best Dude

It's getting to the point if you bad mouth Dwayne Johnson an old lady will make the sign of the cross and then spit on you. Johnson is arguably more genuine than Mother Theresa, George Clooney and Norman Rockwell rolled into one person and then shot up with steroids and... read more

Being Dwayne Johnson Not Worth It

Dwayne Johnson is open about being an insane workout guy. This is refreshing if you've ever met the super ripped dude who claims he only works out on occasion yet actually owns three gym memberships so people don't notice what a psycho he is. The guy who's dying to chug... read more

ok now The Rock is what a bodybuilder looks like

If you know anything at all about bodybuilding, then you know how laugh-out-loud stupid it was for Michael Bay to cast Mark Wahlberg as a bodybuilder alongside Dwayne Johnson in the movie ‘Pain and Gain'. As you can see in these pictures taken on set today in Miami, he... read more