Zac Efron and The Rock Have Cheat Days

New America's icons of masculinity, Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, have "cheat days." They claim thatthese are days when they cheat on their strict diets, which they're on for the upcoming Baywatch movie no one was clamoring for. Efron also gets one day to cheat on his his homosexuality. A day to binge snort steroids off the asses of girls who will eventually leave in tears. John Wayne and more

Seismologist Needs Her Faults Greased

US Geological Survey seismologist Dr Lucy Jones went to the premier of the earthquake disaster movieSan Andreas and live tweeted her scientific critiques of the film. Doing either ofthese things alone would make you an asshole. There's a special place in hell for people who use their cell phones during a movie and it's located right next to the clown rape station for people who go out of their way to inform you of more

Dwayne Johnson Arguably The Best Dude

It's getting to the point if you bad mouth Dwayne Johnson an old lady will make the sign of the cross and then spit on you. Johnson is arguably more genuine than Mother Theresa, George Clooney and Norman Rockwell rolled into one person and then shot up with steroids and given some cool tats. Johnson posted on Instagram about his experience meeting a young fan with cancer. Heis so genuine he drops all the G's from more

Being Dwayne Johnson Not Worth It

Dwayne Johnson is open about being an insane workout guy. This is refreshing if you've ever met thesuper ripped dude who claims he only works outon occasion yet actuallyowns three gym memberships so people don't notice what a psycho he is. The guy who's dying to chug a sixer of beer but claims he's 'seeking clarity.' Even though you'll definitely bang college chicks, the amount of effort involved to attain more

ok now The Rock is what a bodybuilder looks like

If you know anything at all about bodybuilding, then you know how laugh-out-loud stupid it was for Michael Bay to cast Mark Wahlberg as a bodybuilder alongside Dwayne Johnson in the movie ‘Pain and Gain'. As you can see in these pictures taken on set today in Miami, he doesn't even know how to cycle right so he doesn't get bloated. He looks absolutely nothing like a real bodybuilder. He looks like an arena more

The Rock has finally accepted that he’s a badass

A violent new red-band trailer for ‘Faster' came out today, and finally Dwayne Johnson is punching people in the face like he should be. Maybe now we can get some decent action movies, instead of Jake Gyllenhaal prancing around the desert. Putting that sugary little treat in an action movie is like a MMA fight with basset hounds. They would both just sit there, and the winner would be decided by whoever gave more