Eliot Spitzer Is Doing Well

Some politicians respond to resignation worthy prostitution scandals by drinking themselves to death in The Hamptons but Eliot Spitzer is still making moves. He got on a flight to Paris with his former spokesgirl Lis Smith after selling some of his dad's real estate for $147 million dollars. After losing an election the best thing to do is usually blow some family money on a social climber who doesn't care you fucked...read more

Eliot Spitzer Doesn't Think Anthony Weiner Should Be Mayor Of New York City (VIDEO)

Things are getting so bad for Anthony Weiner in the wake of the recent revival of his 2011 cybersex scandal that even Eliot Spitzer told Chris Matthews on Hardball yesterday that he wouldn't vote for him for mayor of New York City. Spitzer, of course, was forced to resign as Governor of New York when it was discovered that he'd paid enough money to high-priced escorts to send them and their kids to college, and...read more

Eliot Spitzer Is Still Sorry About The Hookers (VIDEO)

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is getting back into the political game after a little time off for bad behavior, as he's running for comptroller of New York City. Of course, before he can actually win any election, he has to keep addressing the elephant in the room – all the sex that he paid for while he was governor. Spitzer's new ad does just that, as he declares, "I failed big time" while talking...read more