Elle Fanning Causes Pedo-Riots in Tokyo

By Lex June 23, 2014 @ 5:30 PM

Elle Fanning Wears A 'Sleeping Beauty' Dress Arriving In Tokyo
I’ll chalk it up to youthful inexperience. But somebody should’ve seen the potential fallout from air dropping a blond teenager dressed in Disney pajamas into the heart of Japan. You could hear the thunk of a lone Pachinko ball as even businessmen dropping ten yen coins into panties dispensing vending machines turned to rush Elle Fanning. Imagine a million Japanese dudes hurtling toward you with their belts in their hands screaming in a foreign language about how naughty you’ve been. Get to the god damned chopper, Elle Fanning. There are no more Fannings after you.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Tom Cruise is almost as big as a little girl

By brendon June 09, 2011 @ 10:46 AM


The highly anticipated ‘Super 8′ had it’s big fancy Hollywood premiere last night, and exciting celebrities like Tom Cruise were there. Here he is with the movies star, 13-year-old girl Elle Fanning (she’s Dakota Fannings daughter. Or sister. I should look that up). And obviously someones been drinking their milk because Tom is almost as big as that young girl now.

“Yeah, but she’s probably wearing heels,” you might be thinking. Oh please. As if Tom wasn’t. Yet they’re essentially the same size, even though “frail” doesn’t even beging to describe her appearance. Between her white blond hair and pale skin and that creepy dress, she looks like a ghost you’d see in a Swedish castle.

Oh, and look, Ryan Lee (imdb) was there too. He’s in this movie, and, SPOILER ALERT, he saves the day when the towns damn bursts. Try and guess how!

(image source = getty and bauer griffin)