Emma Roberts Made Evan Peters Her Bitch

By Lex July 29, 2013 @ 12:35 PM

Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Hanging Out On The Set Of American Horror Story In New Orleans
Sometimes, it takes a strong but measured beat down to remind someone of their place in a relationship. A couple weeks ago in a Montreal hotel room, Emma Roberts had to girl punch her actor boyfriend a couple or three times in the shnoz just to let him know who was top dog. You may call it abusive or cruel. I call it bringing order to chaos. Look, everybody’s happy now.

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Emma Roberts Beat Up Her Effeminate Boyfriend

By Lex July 17, 2013 @ 1:06 PM

The first thing you notice when you meet almost any Hollywood actor is just how tiny they are compared to how you imagined. Ninety-percent of actors come out at about 5’7 to 5’9 and about 140 lbs. It’s then you realize you could kick your favorite TV actor’s ass pretty easily. And so could Emma Roberts, who punched the snot out of her actor boyfriend Evan Peters in a Montreal hotel room last week, before the Mounties came and arrested her for domestic violence. Being French minded, Montreal P.D. always assume that the men in relationships are working from a position of weakness, hence, cuffing the petite Emma at the scene of the altercation. Granted, she is Eric Roberts’ daughter, so she was probably two, maybe three moves away from a crazy kill strike and writing the words ‘Set Me Free!’ in her boyfriend’s blood on the hotel room walls. Still, she’s pretty fucking tiny. For his part, Evan Peters refused to press charges because that would just be fucking embarrassing.

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Blake Lively will soon have Sex in a City

By brendon July 26, 2011 @ 7:39 PM


It seems like it’s been forever since the British tabloids clearly made up some casting news. “Done and done,” says the Daily Mail.

Rumours were rife after the second film launched last year that another was on the cards and now it has emerged that ‘Sex and the City 3′ will go ahead – with a new cast featuring some of Hollywood’s hottest talents.
Taking form as a prequel the proposed project will be based on Bushnell’s two novels, The Carrie Diaries and Summer And The City (published this year) which track the four individuals in their teenage years and early twenties before they become a united female front in New York.
It is rumored that current preferences for the roles are Blake Lively as Samantha Jones, Selena Gomez as Charlotte York, Emma Roberts as Miranda Hobbes and Elizabeth Olsen as Carrie Bradshaw.

Well this movie sounds like a home run. Because when I see a girl having sex in a movie, I always think, “hey, I wonder what she was doing before this.” To me that’s way more interesting.

(image source of Blake today in LA on the set of ‘the Savages’ = wenn)

Afternoon Headlines

By brendon August 26, 2009 @ 3:57 PM


X FACTOR – a 27-year-old named Danyl Johnson is a superstar in the UK today after giving what Simon Cowell called the best first audition he’d ever seen. Still I say we start tearing him down right away instead of waiting a few weeks. Booo, you suck, get out of here you piece of shit! (source = youtube)

INCEPTION – few projects have been more cloaked in secrecy than the new film from Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio (trailer here), but this website says they know the plot. And that’s the great thing about the internet. They wouldn’t lie to you. (incontention)

EMMA ROBERTS – is Julia Roberts cousin, and she played Nancy Drew in the Nancy Drew movie, but she’s hoping to grow into different roles, especially once the doctors figure out what sex she is. (hq jump here.  source = splash)