Sri Lanka Wants To Beat Enrique Iglesias And Shit Around The Web

Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena is pretty pissed at Enrique Iglesias and his concert promoters. The president doesn't cotton to girls throwing their panties and such on stage. So, he wants everyone involved flogged...with poisonous stingray tails. America, it's... read more

Enrique Iglesias Gets Droned And Shit Around The Web

Muy caliente singer Enrique Iglesias cut the fuck out of his hand when he reached out and grabbed a camera drone at a concert in Tijuana. If you come back from Tijuana only missing a few fingers, you're actually ahead of the game. Watch this fucking idiot almost lose his... read more

no one has any idea who the new American Idol judges are

Despite Us magazine saying Nicki Minaj is all set to be a judge on 'American Idol', apparently it's not all set, nothing is all set, and no one even knows how many judges there will be, much less who they are. The Hollywood Reporter says a four person panel with Carey,... read more


Enrique Iglesias (he's the one with the mole and chin pubes, not the one banging JLo) is reportedly being offered condom endorsements after coming clean about his ferret cock to Ok! and Esquire.Enrique Iglesias is making waves by admitting to Esquire magazine that he "can... read more

Enrique Iglesias has a really pretty voice

This is Enrique Iglesias on a music video set, singing into a hot mic that he didn’t know was being recorded. It's not clear if this is real, it is clear that it's 100 percent awesome. The dudes voice is so tranquil and soothing, I think I just fell in love.  So be... read more