Erin Andrews Dissed Again

By Matt July 24, 2014 @ 6:59 AM


Boston radio host Kirk Minihane offered an apology to Erin Andrews for calling her a stupid gutless bitch after the MLB All Star Game. The apology quickly devolved into more ranting about Andrews :

“I used a word to reference Erin Andrews that I shouldn’t have used to reference Erin Andrews…  I think FOX only hired her because she’s good-looking. I think if she weighed 15 pounds more she’d be a waitress at Perkins.”

Suggesting FOX hires under qualified hot chicks to appear on camera is a simplification. They have to be able to complete a few sentences first and be familiar with TV production basics like not saying the word ‘cut’ when it appears on a teleprompter. Suggesting Andrews would work at Perkins if she were 15 pounds heavier is also offensive. She would need to gain at least 60 pounds for Perkins to consider her. Minihane could gain 200 pounds and continue his fickle tirade from his swivel chair without incident. His major beef with Andrews is she gets special treatment for being good looking, but is not unbelievably hot to where she has no business appearing on a job site. I’m all for equality, but I also prefer watching Erin Andrews report from the sideline over angry balding townies like Minihane. Having tits qualifies you for all kinds of shit. The day some dude drills a hole in a hotel room wall to spy on Minihane naked, we can re-open this discussion.

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Erin Andrews Failed Journalism

By Matt July 17, 2014 @ 10:28 AM

Boston radio slob Kurt Minihane went on a tirade against Erin Andrews because she failed the sacred trade of journalism by not asking hard hitting questions during the MLB All-Star game. During an in game interview Andrews asked Adam Wainwright if he threw Derek Jeter an easy pitch on purpose. It is widely known Derek Jeter is being afforded Kim Jong un style propaganda stunts by major league baseball, since he is retiring from slaying pussy after this year. The pitcher danced around the subject and Andrews let it go because there are wars going on and nobody should give a fuck. Minihane, who had just returned from a lunch of clam chowder and beating up queers took offense:

“I hate her! What a gutless bitch! Go away. Drop dead. I mean, seriously, what the hell is wrong with her? First of all, follow up. Second of all, the guy admitted he did it… Shut up. I’m sure she’s a nice person, but…  she’s probably a bitch. I hate her.”

Wishing death on someone for not going Watergate during an exhibition game where dudes jog seems harsh. Like Minihane, I also assume all women out of my league are complete bitches. It takes away from the gnawing voice in my head telling me to work out or approach them in public. Either way this seems like a classless move, although by Boston sports radio standards it ranks somewhere between daily advice on what roofies go best with Sam Adams and racial slurs to yell at Puerto Ricans to get them to punch you back.

Erin Andrews Lost the Gunt

By Lex March 20, 2013 @ 12:07 PM

I think I still like Erin Andrews, but I’m not sure. Ever since that dude cut a hole through a wall in the hotel and spied on her, I feel like maybe other people like her a lot more than I do. Then there was the period immediately afterward when she grew a bit of a gunt and started looking more like a traditional female-in-sports person. And then there’s the fact that she seems to be on five networks covering eighteen sports at any given time. Like Bob Costas back in the day, if Bob Costas were taller, and had tits. Still, checking out Erin at the iHeartRadio promotional event to remind people that you can listen to the radio on the Internet since 2002, I guess I’m leaning back into the iHeart Erin camp. Yeah, I know.

If your heart and moral compass so desire, you can still see Erin Andrews spied on while fixing her hair in the nude HERE. It is a porn site, so think about that before you click that link and complain about being taken to a porn site.

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the top 10 stories of 2009

By brendon January 01, 2010 @ 12:50 PM

10. KELLY BROOK IS PHOTOGENIC - this picture was the topic of some heated debate around the office while making the Top 100 list, with many feeling it should be the number 1 story of the year. Of course I’m the only one who works here, so it was mostly my penis taking a stand. Eventually we agreed on the Top 10. That’s the price of leadership. (May 20th)

9. PAULA ABDUL GOT FIRED FROM AMERICAN IDOL – because she was demanding a raise from 5 million to 20 million dollars a year. When they finished laughing several days later, the producers hired Ellen DeGeneres. Of course they could have trained a monkey to whack off in the corner and it still would have been more insightful than anything Paula had to say. Seacrest could say, “Thanks Simon, that’s a good point. What about you Masturbating Monkey, what did you think?” And they could cut to the monkey in the corner jacking off. They just have to be sure to not accidentally pan to Randy Jackson. I have to believe the NCAAP would have something to say about that. (August 5th)

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ESPN ruins everything

By brendon July 23, 2009 @ 1:29 PM


Having already defeated fans who would rather watch football than suffer through cutesy idiotic banter by their sportscasters, ESPN is now in phase 2 of Operation Go F Yourself. Now is the time to strike at their own employees, so they took a five-month-old video that no one had ever heard of showing an unidentified naked girl and told the world it was their sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Take that Erin! Page Six says…

NO one would have known that a sick voyeur had secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room, if the Mickey Mouse sports network hadn’t sent a letter to an obscure Web site demanding that it take down its link to a fuzzy video of an unidentified blonde. The video had gone largely unnoticed since it first went up in February. Last Thursday,, which had linked to the Andrews shots, got a letter from ESPN counsel David Pahl demanding the “pictures of a young, blonde woman” be removed. It didn’t take long for Web sites to identify the blonde as Andrews — and her lawyer soon confirmed it.

If indeed the video is that old and her identity was only accidentally made public, that would strengthen the theory that the video was made by someone traveling with Andrews and working for ESPN. That seems logical since the video appears to show her in two different rooms. I can’t link to the video, but she kind of looked like this (NSFW). I had to add the curling iron, which I think may actually be a flat iron. Here (NSFW) is what it might look like if Erin Andrews was a hot Asian girl when she made the video , and here is what it might look like if LSU safety LaRon Landry was Erins girlfriend and that guy stole her curling iron (NSFQBs).

If none of that helped, here (NSFW) are 15 pictures of Gemma Massey doing a shocking recreation of the moments just before the tape was made. WARNING – these images may be unsettling if you’re a whiny little girl.

I have no idea – UPDATE

By brendon July 20, 2009 @ 1:56 PM


I’ve gotten well over 200 emails asking about the tape some are optimistically claiming shows ESPN fox Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room. I can’t even begin to imagine how this was made (telepathy?), and I’m flattered people would think I know what Erin Andrews looks like naked, but the truth is we haven’t had sex as many times as you might think. I have no idea if it’s her or not. You can download it anywhere (links removed) but I’m sure as hell not putting it up. ESPN says it’s not her, so if you want to see a blurry blob who probably isn’t who you want it to be naked, by all means go for it.

LEGALLY TERRIFYING UPDATE – Wow. 9 minutes. That is easily a new record. The old record was like 45. So because her lawyers don’t want you to see that video – and holy christ I assure you, they really really don’t want you to see that video – here are some rare pics of Marissa Miller at work for SI, and then some scans from some magazine I’ve never heard of (hq jump here). And one full size pic from each, here and here, which, I promise you, you very much do want to open.

Now let’s just forget any of this ever happened, in a very real and legally binding sense.