ESPN Surveys Itself For Liberal Bias

ESPN remains desperate to counter the growing Internet thinking that their subscriber base tanking is due in good measure to the liberal political bias of their TV content. Everybody in the industry understands ESPN's losses have far more to do with having overbid on... read more

Blood Letting at ESPN

ESPN laid off a hundred people in a story that was supposed to get everybody up in arms but it turned out everybody kind of went, meh, hockey. About half of the layoffs were on-air personalities, which meant a bad day for any number of former athletes with interchangeable... read more

Tonight Is Your Night, Caitlyn

Tonight's the night we make history, Caitlyn. After strong-arming ABC and ESPN, and them rolling over in a puddle of their own ratings juices, this is the moment when Abby Wambach hands you the mantle of greatness. She cries, you cry, your family showing off their no... read more

ESPN Takes a Month to Perfect Its Lie

Everybody with an IQ above Kardashian understands why ESPN picked Caitlin Jenner to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY's. It's the same reason you told that girl in high school with the big tits how smart and funny she was. Why dance around the base human... read more

Catholic Group Drops Agnieska Radwanska for Showing Off in ESPN Body Issue

Polish tennis star Agnieska Radwanska was until recently a spokesperson for the 'Youth Crusade' a Catholic church group trying to promote the slogan 'I'm not ashamed of Jesus'. Agnieska showed she was not ashamed of Jesus by spelling his name in tennis balls in... read more

Nude Athletes In 2013 Body Issue Of ESPN Magazine

ESPN is digging hard to extend their brand. They tried video games and movies. Didn't work so much. So they started copying SI a few years ago by putting out an issue dedicated to hot bodies. Only, they kind of fucked that up too by making half the issue about naked male... read more