Miranda Kerr Seems Like a Good Planner

Miranda Kerr has been dating the rich kid who invented Snapchat and became a shit ton richer. Evan Spiegel's twenty-five and already plowed his way through a few models and a half-dozen first dates with Taylor Swift. Billionaires are the new millionaires. All the girls want one. Miranda Kerr finally got permission from Spiegel'sbank account to publish social media pictures of the two together. She loves him because...read more

The Dude Who Invented Snapchat Didn't Invent Snapchat Soon Enough

Like everybody else who is rich or famous and disliked in 2014, young Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel is now having his old emails and messages parsed and publicized to make him look like a total privileged rich white sexist asshole. He almost certainly is, but that's not really the point. The media and his detractors have keyed in on Evan's Animal House exultations to his Kappa Sigma brothers at Stanford while he...read more