Operation Choke Point Is Choking Out Our Porn Stars

By Lex May 05, 2014 @ 6:03 PM

Sydney Leathers Attends Exxxotica 2014 In Ft Lauderdale
Haven’t the politicians done enough to poor Sydney Leathers. Not to mention her decent God fearing porn star friends. The government is always up to wacky shenanigans, like most people with lots of free time and money and booze. They invented something called Operation Choke Point, to pressure banks to stop handling transactions for legal, but more edgy businesses. They seemed to be trying to roundabout hamper the business of gun and ammo dealers, but in the process also snared gaming and escorts and porn stars. You may recall that Chase Bank shut down the accounts of porn star Teagan Pressley and a bunch of other onscreen penetrators because they were deemed ‘too risky’. Now, if you think Mr. Potter down at the bank gives a shit what kind of commerce his account holders are up to, he doesn’t. But the federal financial regulators who can make his life a living hell do. They don’t like porn, despite, you know, all of them consuming massive quantities of porn and some decent number of them railing farm animals and young boys. This government overreach was all the talk of the Exxxotica Expo this weekend in Fort Lauderdale where the ladies shoved various implements in their twats and furrowed their rectal brows over the trampling of their Constitutional rights. The porn industry has long been a champion of First Amendment rights. You probably don’t even realize you owe those sex workers for the right to say, fuck you, Mr. President, lay off our porn stars. But you do. It’s probably time to write your Congressman and pretend you’re a donor.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com, AKM-GSI