Nike Fires Pacquiao for Being Wicked Old School

Manny Pacquiao noted recently that gay people are worse than animals because animals know better than to fuck their same gender. He's obviously never visited the monkey cages at the city zoo where the hairy little fellas tug the crap out of each other's monkey cocks to... read more

Mayweather vs. Berto Not Flying Off the Shelf

Remember when you thought paying $100 to see Floyd Mayweather slap around a crippled Pinoy made you pretty fucking cool? Nobody's buying into this mouthy wife beater going next fight with a dude with less credibility than Spider Rico. Showtime is suing the shit out of... read more

Floyd Mayweather Buying Love

Floyd Mayweather bought or at least posed with and pretended to buy a 5 million dollar car. His kids also hate him. That's doesn't excuse your Sentra with the ketchup stains on the cloth upholstery. It's aKoenigsegg CCXR Trevita. No idea what that means but it goes... read more

Floyd Mayweather Going Through Motions

Floyd Mayweather is dumber than your dumbest friend. And that guy's retarded. He's made quite a bit of money but that can't reform the school system in Detroit. In plain English he doesn't know how to read or therefore count. He just bought a car that costs 5 million... read more

Floyd Mayweather Hopeless Romantic

Floyd Mayweather's ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson is suing the shit out of him in between bouts of porking Nelly. Who says women can't get ahead in the world without getting punched in the head and fucking a rapper. Included in court documents are a marriage proposal... read more

Floyd Mayweather Stay Home

Floyd Mayweather went to the Golden State Warriors game and was booed loudly when shown on the Jumbotron but to be fair he was the only black guy not in uniform. We're all for progress just not in my back yard and why is this arena in my fucking back yard I have half an... read more

Mayweather and Pacquiao Felt Like Just Enough

The fight of the century is over. All that's left is to steam clean the cum and body oiled stained sheets at hotels throughout Las Vegas and pretend America didn't collectively waste ten million weeks of supplemental food stamps money watching two guys past their prime... read more

Suge Knight Counts on Mayweather (VIDEO)

Suge Knight remains behind bars awaiting his murder trial for plowing his truck into two dudes who looked at him squirrelly. His attorney claims that Knight's good buddy Floyd Mayweather is coming to post Knight's $10 million bail after Saturday's fight, First thing's... read more

Mexico Has Priorities

Mexico has not done very well as far as having potable water or sinks or faucets or a functioning government or lawful police force but they arranged for everyone in their country who has a TV to get the Mayweather Pacquiao fight for free. The fight will cost $99 or... read more

Floyd Mayweather Is a Mark

Floyd Mayweather reportedly spent $25,000 on the mouthguard he will wear in the upcoming Manny Pacquiao fight and contentious decision. Itis stuffed with at least one real hundred dollar bill. Given these things generously cost a few hundred bucks to makeI'd comfortably... read more

Floyd Mayweather Gay for Luggage

Contrary to popular belief not all dudes express themselves through uncontrollable consumerism are gay. Some are just real dumb and want to prove to the companies selling them overpriced garbage that they have enough money to afford it. You can be well dressed and... read more

We Can Stop Talking About This Now

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have finally agreed to a super boring fight that Mayweather will win in a controversial decision they both end up laughing about in the money counting room. Guys don't die in the ring anymore and rarely break a sweat. Float like a... read more