Frank Ocean Wins Lawsuit From Father, Going to Have Awkward Thanksgiving

When a father who left your life only comes back to sue you for defamation I would assume any mug in his kitchen claiming he’s the “worlds greatest dad” is definitely a lie. read more

Frank Ocean Sued By Dad

Frank Ocean is being sued by his dad for defamation because Ocean wrote a Tumblr post about his dad making some trans-phobic comments about a waitress roughly twenty years ago. If you're following along, move out of the country. read more

Chris Brown was a dick at the Grammys. Shocking, huh?

It still ranks way behind other things he's done at the Grammy Awards, but Chris Brown once again showed what a classless dick he is by refusing to stand after Frank Ocean made his way to the stage to accept the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, an award Brown was... read more