gary coleman had a restraining order on his wife

(note - this shit is depressing, so a hot girl with big tits sticking her tongue out sent me her picture to help in a "spoonful of sugar" kind of way) Just in case there weren't enough reasons to think Shannon Price killed her ex-husband Gary Coleman, Radar reports today... read more

the gary coleman picture is worse than i thought

(UPDATE - i couldn't look at that picture any more, so now it's underneath if you really want to see it. luckily internet superstar shay maria is here with some butterflies as a replacement banner picture to cheer everyone up and remind us that there's still a lot of... read more

morning headlines

GARY COLEMANS - ex wife only got $10,000 for the pictures she took while Gary died (sold to the Globe) because even other tabloids couldn't bring themselves to stoop so low. That's the good news. But she probably killed him and is getting away with it. That's bad. But it... read more

monday afternoon headlines

GARY COLEMANS - ex wife is doing everything she can to look as guilty as possible, including cremating his body and selling pictures she took of him while he died and after he died. She also got one of those full size rear window stickers that says "fuck tha police". (... read more

this bitch is so guilty

Gary Colemans ex wife is way, way too dumb to talk her way out of anything, much less murder, but that means she's also too dumb to realize she's too dumb to talk her way out of anything, and so therefore she won't stop talking. In fact she did another interview with ... read more

thursday morning headlines

KENDRA WILKINSON - is popular with someone at Hulu, who used tags like, "untalented" "moronic" and "prostitute" to describe this weeks show. In the past Kendra has said she worries people will label her "a porn star". So hey, good news. (thx to joseph) GARY COLEMANS EX... read more

gary colemans wife is helpful

Gary Colemans 911 call, the call made by his wife after he slipped and hit his head (he of course died 2 days later) has been released and it's pretty damn depressing. His worthless wife describes the scene but doesn't do much else because all the blood is freaking her... read more

gary coleman has died

Beloved 80‘s sitcom star Gary Coleman died earlier today at the age of 42. Did the troubled child star follow in the footsteps of 'Different Strokes' co-star Dana Plato and take his own life? We'll let you know after this break. And we're back. No it wasn't suicide. He... read more


People magazine says that Gary Coleman has secretly married Shannon Price.  Actually it wasn't a secret really, as much as just no one asked.  But shocking gets shockinger when People reveals that Gary is 40 years old, yet Shannon is just 22.  Also, she is 5'7" tall,... read more