Gavin Rossdale And Gwen Stefani Seem Like Pretty Cool Parents

Sure, their bands were perfect examples of how terribly shitty the pop "rock" music of the 1990s was, and, sure, a 47-year old man has no business wearing a choker, no matter how hip or cool he thinks he is. But Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani still seem like pretty cool... read more

Gwen Stefani looks like an awesome mom

Gwen Stefani spent yesterday on the beach in Marina del Rey at a party with her two boys, Zuma and Kingston Rossdale, and most of it was spent running around and chasing Kingston. It was pretty god damn cute. Until she actually caught him. The pictures don't show it but... read more

Kingston Rossdale is a pimp

I had already come to terms with the fact that Kingston Rossdale, the 4-year-old son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, was gonna get more pussy than me, but I really did think I had more of a head start than this. Yesterday however, that handsome little bastard was at... read more

Gavin Rossdale did some gay sex stuff

Gavin Rossdale tells Details magazine this month that HOLY SHIT they're still publishing Details? Seriously? Why? More people read the Voynich Manuscript every month and no one even knows what the fuck that thing says. Well, whatever. Point is, Gavin Rossdale, Mr. Gwen... read more


The Sun UK says today that Gwen Stefani is pregnant for the second time with husband Gavin Rossdale.  It was just last year that Gwen gave birth to their son, Kingston.  The Sun says: The former NO DOUBT star and rocker husband GAVIN ROSSDALE are chuffed about having a... read more