Gene Simmons Calls Dead Prince a Pussy

Gene Simmons consumes media attention as Rebel Wilson to chocolate covered name anything. The former KISS guitarist and founding member took a pot shot at dead Prince calling him pathetic for presumably croaking in his 50's from a Percocet more

Gene Simmons Home Investigated for Child Porn

A special child porn police force of the future raided the home of Gene Simmons where they grabbed up computers and other electronic devices which may or may not include Shannon Tweed's vibrator because I'd take that too. Police are quick to point out that nobody in the Simmons family is suspected of downloading child porn, but somebody did do the criminal deedusing their Internet account. Obvious culprits include more

Gene Simmons Encourages Suicide And Shit Around The Web

Gene Simmons has a simple solution to people suffering from depression or who drink or do drug: kill yourself. While many of us can relate to the desire to tell unhappy sons of bitches to just go and end it, when they're standing on the stepladder with the homemade noose, not many of would actually yell "Jump, you fucking pussy!". Read what a guy who wears demon makeup has to say about psychiatry. (Huffington Post) more

Gene Simmons' Advice For Immigrants

Gene Simmons went on a fresh rant advising immigrants to learn English. Simmons has a knack for taking mundane ideas and passing them off as controversial. Take the over produced butt rock band he founded. Simmons convinced an entire generation that scary face painting and puking blood was cool and edgy as opposed to a shitty haunted house gag you would have told your parents you were too old for by fifth grade. more

Paul Stanley Claims Ace and Peter Were Down on the Jews

According to Kiss' asshole front man Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss hate Jews, most notably himself and Gene Simmons.It's all in his latest must-read book,Face the Music: A Life Exposed, (that was in no way ghostwritten).Simmons and Stanley's real names are Chaim Witz and Stanley Eisen, in other words as Jewy Jewish as you can Jewishly get. Criss and Frehley have been feuding on and off with Simmons more

Tito Ortiz And Gene Simmons Really Classed Up The 300 Premiere

They say you can tell a lot about a movie based on the type of people who show up to the premiere, and if that is indeed the case, then 300: Rise of an Empire is the Celebrity Rehab of movies in 2014. Among the many other people that you've probably never heard of, Tito Ortiz and his wife Kristin graced the red carpet, as did Gene Simmons and his son Nick. If only someone there had possessed the vision to tell more


It was a wily idea for KISS singer (?) Gene Simmons and his girlfriend, 1982 Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed, to get facelifts and tape it all for their A&E reality show "Family Jewels". Because until three seconds ago, I'd never heard of their reality show. Or A&E. Or Playmates. I have heard of dancing candy canes and stuffed animals who come to life to take me on adventures. Later, technicians will more