Play it Cool, Gerard Butler

Actor Gerard Butler went out for a stroll in South Beach yesterday, as he was probably taking a break from making underwhelming action films by scouting for women to drunkenly pass out on top of. One woman seemed pleased to meet him, as she asked him for a quick picture... read more

Gerard Butler Cracks Nuts With His Crack (VIDEO)

Gerard Butler busted a nut with his ass the other night on German TV, (a walnut not the 80's euphemism for ejaculation). King Leonidas was in Krautlandia to appear on a talk show called Wetten Dass to plug Olympus Has Fallen. I don't speak Deutsch, but from what I can... read more

Gerard Butler Wants to Have Sex With Ashley Judd

Gerard Butler wants to have sex with every woman. He's had sex with every woman. But at the premiere of his movie Olympus Has Fallen last night, he checked Ashley Judd up and down like he was plotting his specific penile point of entry. You and I couldn't get away with... read more

"Olympus Has Fallen" has a cool trailer

If a movie about the White House being attacked by terrorists with only one bad-ass left behind to save everyone sounds good, you're in luck, because there's two of those exact movies coming out soon. 'White House Down' has Channing Tatum blankly starring at things while... read more

Gerard Butler Destroyed a Marriage

Some addicts get to the point where nothing in life matters more than their next high. In the case of perpetual ass-slayer, Gerard Butler, noting could be further from the truth. Not only did he quickly squash that shit, but he was also able to simultaneously infiltrate... read more

Gerard Butler is already out of rehab

This morning it was reported that Gerard Butler checked himself into the Betty Ford Center to get help for an addiction to prescription painkillers, and this is either a very good sign or a very bad sign but he's already out. "Gerard has completed a successful course of... read more

Gerard Butler nailed Brandi Glanville. Well.

Brandi Glanville is mainly famous because Eddie Cibrian is an idiot and divorced her to marry the magic luck dragon, but now she's the star of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', and during their wrap-up show last night she admitted that she and Gerard Butler did it.... read more

Gerard Butler almost died

Gerard Butler almost drowned yesterday after being held under water and washed over rocks by a series of big waves while filming a movie about surfing. He had to be rescued and was taken by ambulance to Stanford Medical Center for an exam but seems to be ok now. So it... read more

Gerard Butler sure showed them

Gerard Butler was trying to have dinner in New York last night but was interrupted when the paparazzi tried to take his picture, so he turned the tables and took some pictures of them. Because repeatedly yelling someones name while they have a private conversation and... read more

Jessica Biel is with Gerard Butler now

Gerard Butler gets tons of ass because he's handsome, friendly and charming, so what chance did Jessica Biel have against him while they filmed a movie together last month in a place where there's damn near nothing to do? Not much, according to People. Their reps say the... read more

hahaha, you suck jennifer aniston

10 days ago Jennifer Aniston spent her birthday in Mexico with some friends, including rumored boyfriend Gerard Butler, and she went on Access Hollywood and talked about how wonderful he is and then listed all the reasons why he's so wonderful. Gerard Butler did not go... read more

thats not how you wear those

Gerard Butler has made it up to "S" in his directory of women in Hollywood to have sex with, and apparently first in line was "Simpson, Jessica".  Page Six says... Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler had a date at Soho House Tuesday night, with friends including her hair... read more