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By brendon February 03, 2011 @ 11:36 AM


KIM KARDASHIAN – went on a few dates with Gabriel Aubry, and that apparently drove Halle Berry nuts. “She was upset at the idea of someone like that being in her daughter’s life. She did not want a reality star in Nahla’s life. She was very aggravated.” Christ calm down. It’s just Kim Kardashian. She goes shopping. What could go wrong. It’s not like the kid was gonna be on Ultimate Fighter, and someone was gonna grab her by her ankles and swing her around as a weapon. Though that would be cool, and effective. (people)

CHARLIE SHEEN – issued a statement yesterday thanking everyone for their support, and told E! that the rumors were, “All crap. Believe nothing. I will never speak about any of this as long as I’m alive. You’re all gonna have to keep towing the same redundant line, guessing wrong.” Awww, you gonna cry now, little baby. (e!)

KELLY BROOK – pranced around in a bikini in the Hollywood Hills yesterday, and here are the pictures. Because that’s what this website is all about. Helping others. (splash)

Halle Berry went all Mel Gibson on her ex

By brendon February 02, 2011 @ 5:44 PM

Halle Berry Visiting A School For Her Daughter

The custody battle between Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took a screamy new turn today with the revelation that Aubry has “numerous emails, text messages and voicemails (of Halle) which document her angry and jealous rages – and they’re bad.” Radar says…

But, according to a source close to the Canadian-born model he won’t be leaking them to the press, choosing instead to save them, if needed, to help present his case at family court in their upcoming custody battle.
“I honestly think Gabriel should release some of these messages he has from Halle, and tell his side of the story, but he won’t, he said he’s going to save them for family court, which will be a private, press-free environment.”
“I know it sounds like I’m painting a picture but Gabriel truly does not want to do anything at all that could potentially damage his daughter, and he knows attacking Halle in the press would ultimately do that.”

But I’m sure she doesn’t still freak out all the time now that they’re separated. Oh wait never mind.

“She left a crazy message on Gabe’s cell just after some pictures came out of him at a Lakers game with a girl last year.
“She is mega, mega p***ed in the message, calling him, and the girl, all kinds of names – it’s certainly something Halle wouldn’t want heard.
“He could totally do a number on her if he chose to – but he’s a nice guy at the end of the day and unlike Halle, Gabe’s not concerned with the public believing he is the ‘wronged one’ and with controlling his image – he is concerned with his daughter and her welfare.
“Perhaps if Halle spent more time truly worrying about that and less time worrying about how she’s being portrayed in the press the situation would be better and easier for all concerned.”

I’m not sure why but I can kind of believe that Halle would have a crazy temper, and I kind of believe him, but maybe that’s just because the story of a gorgeous hunk whose beautiful ex can’t let him go hits so close to home.

Halle Berry is in a custody battle

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Halle Berrys break up with Gabriel Aubrey seemed amicable enough, they were both real nice and seemed to have something worked out to share custody of their daughter, but now take whatever the exact opposite of those words are and add lots of profanity. E! says…

“She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention.”
“Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her,” Berry’s rep says. The actress “has always made the needs and safety of her daughter her first priority and, both while Halle and Gabriel were a couple and since their breakup, Halle has only acted in her daughter’s best interest.”

Aww. I feel bad for their daughter. She’s the real victim in all this. Other than being so supernaturally beautiful that she’s probably gonna turn into a beam of pure radiant energy at puberty, her life is falling apart.

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Halle Berry knows how to dress

By brendon January 28, 2011 @ 3:29 PM

Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Heading To The Dentist

Halle Berry went to the dentist in Toluca Lake yesterday, and for some reason she did it her cock-teasingest shorts. Did that poor bastard dump her in high school or something?

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morning headlines

By brendon January 19, 2011 @ 10:39 AM


MIRANDA KERR – posted the first picture of her son Flynn, presumably taken by her husband Orlando Bloom, and as you can see it was while he was sucking on one of her perky little tits. Which means he’s 2 weeks old and his life has probably peaked. (kora organics)

BRUCE WILLIS – was a pain in the ass to work with on Cop Out, according to director Kevin Smith. “I had no fucking help from this dude whatsoever.” And yet that movie totally worked, on every level, a modern masterpiece. The creative process sure is a mystery. (filmdrunk)

HALLE BERRY – is supposedly on good terms with her ex Gabriel Aubry, who is also the father of her 2yo daughter, but yesterday he filed for custody, setting up a potential tug-of-war with their child. Not a literal tug-of-war with their child of course, though that would be way more exciting. (e!)

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER – is ready to return to acting, perhaps playing a Nazi commander who refuses to execute POW’s at the end of WWII in With Wings As Eagles. Or perhaps playing something else, in a different movie. What am I, psychic? (fox)

RICKY GERVAIS – will not be hosting the Golden Globes again next year, saying he feels twice is enough. Which is how I now feel about watching the Golden Globes. (yahoo)

Halle Berry looks different

By brendon November 04, 2010 @ 12:49 PM


Halle Berry was seen yesterday in heavy prosthetics on her face and chest while filming scenes for ‘Truth or Dare’, which, thankfully, is a comedy.

WARNING: the comments section is about to set race relations back 50 years. And honestly it’s hard to blame them. Is she about to boil Bugs Bunny in a pot? WTF is this?