Harry Styles Pees In Sir-Mix-A-lot's Bushes

One Direction singer and staged Kendall Jenner boyfriend, Harry Styles bared his ass while peeing in Sir-Mix-A-Lot's bushes. The incident actually happened in November but has only now gotten attention online. Harry was having an evening promenade when he decided that he... read more

Brody Jenner Thinks Half-Sister Kendall Is a Slutty Genius

Brody Jenner thinks that his high school dropout little half-sister Kendall will break One Direction singer Harry Style's poor heart. Harry, the One Direction guy with the intentionally dumb hair that a billion pubescent girls around the world imagine deflowering them,... read more

Cheer Up, Harry Styles, You Just Had Sex With Kendall Jenner

Sure there's some natural remorse after nailing a Kardashian. That's the cosmos confirming you're going to die prematurely in some grisly manner. Still, if you're Q score is high enough to bone eighteen year old Kendall Jenner on a gratis package in New York, you've... read more

Kendall Jenner Caught Dating Harry Styles On A School Night

I'm not sure whose publicist set this doozy up, but it worked. Fresh off he nipple baring coming out party, Kendall Jenner went out with boy band prancing Harry Styles to a popular West Hollywood restaurantpacked with paparazzi. Kris Jenner's black-only dating policy for... read more

Harry Styles Twerked At The Teen Choice Awards (VIDEO)

If Miley Cyrus hadn't already taken the fine dance art of Twerking out behind the woodshed and put a bullet between its eyes, then One Direction's Harry Styles took care of it at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards last night. As a billion teenage girls screamed with the... read more

Harry Styles Let One Direction Eat His Candy Thong (VIDEO)

This video is almost a week old, but it's worth sharing because it's both great to see that idiot kids are still violently hurling random objects at the guys from One Direction at their shows and Harry Styles still isn't fooling anyone. There have always been questions... read more

Harry Styles Is Either Nailing Ke$ha Or A Stripper

On April 23, MTV will debut the new reality series, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, which is about a girl built from elk bones and vanilla pudding who grows up to convince people that she's an edgy and in-your-face pop star. So because she's desperate for attention and... read more

Someone Hit Harry Styles In The Balls With A Shoe

In case you need proof that Scottish people are angry, violent and all-around fantastic, someone at One Direction's show last night in Glasgow hit Harry Styles in the balls with a shoe. The boy band took a break between horrible songs to moisten their female fans'... read more

Taylor Swift still acts like a 15 year old

It should go without saying that I didn't watch Taylor Swift sing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the Grammys last night, so I'm just taking Us magazines word for it when they say she's acting like the entire god damn world is her facebook page again...... read more