New WWTDD Policy Prohibits the Display of Celebrity Children in Fuck Me Pumps

By Lex July 21, 2014 @ 8:48 AM

Heidi Klum And Her Daughter Step Out On Matching Hills In New York
A lot of gossip rags talk the talk, but none are going to reach the bar we’re setting by completely prohibiting the photographic display, written discussion, or even the mere mention of celebrity kids dressed like itty bitty hookers. Just as an example, we will no longer be talking about Heidi Klum wardrobing her ten year old daughter like she’s ready to hit the clubs in Paris and maybe take a lover. That’s so inappropriate, you won’t find that indecency here. Check People. Now give me my┬áJean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and a cheese sandwich. God bless America.

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A Bunch of Super Hot Girls Battled The AIDS

By Lex May 26, 2014 @ 3:33 PM

Thanks to Donald Sterling and the Duck Commander and vast swaths of sub-Saharan Africa, The AIDS gets a really bad rap. But, make no mistake, it’s an everyman’s disease. At least, you should repeat that if you ever get invited to one of these amFAR galas they schedule around the big international film festivals throughout the year. This amFAR fund raiser in Cannes had so many good looking models and actresses walking into the party, it mimicked the conquest scrapbook Leonardo DiCaprio shows everybody who dares call him a dandy. I don’t know all these world class ladies. Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Scherzinger, a bunch of other girls ready to raise money to fight the scourge of The AIDS. There’s no compelling reason to compare disease galas, but let’s be totally honest, Crohn’s and Lupus can’t draw this kind of talent. The super hot girls come strong for The AIDS. As long as I keep staring at their titties, I won’t be forced to confront the irony.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Heidi Klum Demands Your Titty Respect

By Lex April 16, 2014 @ 2:42 PM

Heidi Klum Goes Topless At The Beach With Her New Boyfriend In Mexico
You can’t just want then, cougar cub, you need to say you want them. Heidi Klum has one rule when it comes to mounting the multitude of young cock she intends to ride because she’s 40 and rich and horny. You must appreciate the flapjacks. She will shove them in your face, ring the triangle and show them to the world, and even draw smiley faces on them for her children’s school carnivals. In all cases, respect the titties or get the fuck out. I’m not sure how young Frenchy is handling the supplication before his older girlfriend’s drooping yams. If he’s having an inkling to wonder why a chick with all the cash in the world wouldn’t get a 90210 light lift, he better hide it. Or the cougar moves on and you get none, son.

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Heidi Klum Now Guarded by Son of Wolverine

By Lex April 07, 2014 @ 4:52 PM

Heidi Klum With A New Body Guard At An 'America's Got Talent' Event In New York
When you know your super fresh older girlfriend left her husband for her bodyguard, you get kind of sensitive about the dude who follows her around 7×24 to make sure nobody steals her clutch with the lipstick and the strudel flavored condoms. Heidi’s young French boyfriend didn’t like her latest bodyguard which I take to mean he assumed there was a high probability of boning, so he insisted Heidi get this new short dude with the beard to shadow her at events. One issue the cougar ladies haven’t quite figured out yet is how to deal with the jealousy of young men. Men are annoying insecure bitches when young. It’s part of that whole alpha male procreative my sperm must win legacy. At some point, you get to the age where so long as you’re getting some, you don’t even hear your rich German girlfriend telling you she’s off to buy a cock ring and a Hitler mustache for her hunky bodyguard. Let him deal with her gluten-free diet and need for emotional attachments. You just want to watch the ball game in peace.

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Heidi Klum Is On the Hunt

By Lex April 01, 2014 @ 4:11 PM

Heidi Klum In A Black Bikini Poolside In The Bahamas
Heidi Klum’s hormones are raging and some lucky young man in the Bahamas is about to be the next beneficiary. Make no mistake, that oversized floppy hat isn’t there to protect Heidi from the deadly ultraviolet rays of El Sol, it’s to hide her sexually bent ill intents. Her vagina is thirsty and only the domination of every cock above the prevailing legal age of sixteen will slake it’s thirst. Just look at that whorecat on the hunt. This is like those viral clips of submerged crocs waiting for the gnus by the watering hole. If only the gnu knew how Heidi Klum was about to bang him senseless.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Heidi Klum Is Just Like You and Me

By Lex March 24, 2014 @ 5:13 PM

Heidi Klum In A Black Bikini With New Bodyguard At The Beach In The Bahamas
Heidi Klum is forty and rich and banging the crap out of every hot guy she please. She already did the offspring thing, she made four, and the marriage thing with that creepy looking Kiss from a Rose fellow,. Now, she’s just one put happy horny divorcee nailing a 20-something celebrity kid in Paris and suntanning in the Bahamas with a brand new hunky bodyguard she hired to replace the last one she was mounting at will before he got too close and wanted to talk and discuss feelings and know where the relationship was headed. Heidi didn’t need that kind of distraction. The feminists may never cop to it, but this is the woman you want to be. She’s not just talking about her vagina, she’s making it squeak with joy. On her own dime and by her own schedule. I’d be happier for Heidi if she weren’t more man than I’ll ever be.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, Splash