Hugh Jackman Jacked

Hugh Jackman has a diverse array of talents including getting ripped as fuck at the gym and performing on Broadway. For brevity's sake, we refer to this as being gay. Jackman also plays Wolverine, a role which exclusively requires him to be jacked as fuck and memorize... read more

Hugh Jackman Celebrates Best Wife Ever

Hugh Jackman and his wife celebrated the nineteenth anniversary of their exceedingly convenient marriage. It's a known fact anyone not questioning themselves spends their time on Broadway talking a ton of shit and then making up for their behavior with an overpriced... read more

Goodbye, Fat Kiwi Friend

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe are headed in two different directions. It shows. Hugh's got the HGH muscle rip going in his mid 40's. He's got that condescending clenched muscle forearm wrapped around Russell Crowe's fatty tailing career. It this were Spartacus, he'd be... read more

Hugh Jackman Is Not Fucking Playing Around

I wouldn't bring that gay rumor up with Wolverine again by the way. Not in person. Not when he's flexing at the park with his kids. He looks ready to choke out a second grade field trip. Maybe eat a stroller. Lift a jungle gym off its moorings and heave it to trap a... read more

its the 'Movie 43' red band trailer

Movie 43' is actually 25 short films, so it's not really a movie, or the number 43, but it stars essentially everyone with a SAG card, including Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Anna Faris, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Chloë Grace Moretz, Gerard Butler as a... read more

Wolverine has been doing P90X

At one point, 'the Wolverine' was all set to film with the great Darren Aronofsky directing a script by the great Christopher McQuarrie, based on a story by the great Frank Miller. But that all went to hell, and then Fox decided it should be re-written by the sort of ok... read more

Hugh Jackman is a tough dad

Hugh Jackman spent the weekend with his kids in St. Tropez, France, but what started as a fun day at the beach quickly turned ugly. As these shocking pictures clearly show, first he kicked his little girl in the face, probably because she violated one of his many strict... read more

Duncan Jones might direct Wolverine

Duncan Jones (who if you don't know is the son of David Bowie) is the director of the completely awesome Moon and the sort of awesome Source Code, and now he's also apparently Fox's choice to direct the sequel to Wolverine, the job Darren Aronofsky took and then untook... read more

look alive, Hugh Jackmans daughter!

Everyone in Hollywood really likes Hugh Jackman, and seeing him playing in the snow with his daughter in New York over the weekend sort of gives you a hint as to why. He just seems like a nice guy. If this would have been a picture of Lindsay Lohan walking away, replace... read more

Oprah tried to kill Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman rode a zip line from the top of the Sydney Opera House down to the stage where Oprah Winfrey was filming one of her Australia shows today, but then instead of stopping, he crashed into a lighting rig which broke and sent a small piece of glass into his eye.... read more

Darren Aronofsky is directing Wolverine 2

About the nicest thing anyone can say about 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' is that it was in color and the lines to see it were short, yet somehow Hugh Jackman has lined up two of the absolute best screenwriters and directors in Hollywood to make the sequel. Deadline... read more

morning headlines

LADY GAGA - is defending Kanye Wests behavior at the VMAs. "He's a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so f****** bad. He really does. Everyone likes to focus on gossip, but he's changed music and he's really prolific and an incredible person, and I think... read more