Ian Ziering Holds On To Hope

Ian Ziering sees the Sharknado franchise as one that will compete with Star Wars and Fast Furious for many years to come: "I'm going to keep doing this until I get eaten... I see about 20 more installments in our future." This seems more like a desperate career wish than a likely industry scenario. The first Sharknado drew upon viral novelty interest. Like the girl who brings the gag dildos to the bachelorette party....read more

Ian Ziering Stripped For His Old Castmates

Despite being a year shy of 50, Ian Ziering is still in pretty decent shape. But I guess it's easy to stay fit when all you have to do is occasionally play yourself in a movie or voice a cartoon mouse. The combination of being in good shape and needing a job are why Ian was a great fit to join the Chippendales show in Las Vegas, and he celebrated his first month of stripping for horny, old women by bringing in two of...read more

Ian Ziering Was Hanging Out With Greased Up Men

Even when Beverly Hills, 90210 was one of the biggest primetime soap operas in TV history, Ian Ziering was still the fourth most popular actor on the show, behind the two guys with sideburns and the white kid who thought he could rap. In fact, the only thing that saved him from being the least favorite guy on the show was that old dude who ran the Peach Pit. Not that I ever watched it. But as Ian joined the...read more