Please Stop Fingering Iggy Azalea

By Lex April 23, 2014 @ 2:21 PM

Iggy Azalea Performs In Hot Pants And A Bra At The mtvU Woodie Awards In Austin
Iggy Azalea now wears multiple layers of protective undergarments in concert because when she crowd surfs, a bunch of dudes and girls keep literally sticking their fingers up the figurative title of her track, Pu$$y. The finger banging itself seems kind of sexist because a vagina is involved. Vaginas make everything sexist. Though drunk stoned fans have been known to grab the packages on guys they like too when surfing by, but it’s different for a lady. Actually, maybe that is sexist. This shit is tricky.

“Like, they think I’m real slutty, like ‘Oh, she got a song called ‘Pu$$y,’ I know what she wants. She wants these two fingers.’ Why would I want a stranger to ever finger me? Buying my album for $12 doesn’t mean you get to finger me when I come to your city.”

Who buys a whole album these days? I’ll tell you who? Finger rapists, that’s who. Might as well dump that entire customer list from the iTunes store and start rounding those animals up. Iggy says she sees people on Twitter before her shows talking about fingering her and she tries to tell them it’s not okay. Sign of the devil, cool. One in the stink, one in the pink, unacceptable. She wants it to stop because it’s, well, rape, and as wrong as white Australian rappers, only even a little bit more.

I hope we can all agree that Iggy Azalea is in the right on this issue. Also, we can all agree we’ve never fucking heard of Iggy Azalea until now.

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Iggy Azalea Goes Topless To Get Noticed

By Lex October 17, 2013 @ 12:57 PM

Iggy Azalea Goes Topless In A Behind The Scenes Clip From Her Video Shoot
It’s getting tougher and tougher to crack the attention market in pop music. Maxim’s World’s Hottest Platypus Ever set the bar pretty much at getting naked if you want any media coverage for your music. Iggy Azalea figured what the heck. It’s not going to be easy for a Road Warrior freaky looking Australian albino pop rapper to make it big without showing off her tits, so she did just that when shooting her new music video. We could all sit here and lament the sad state of affairs when a young woman has to shake her bare ass or flash her jugs just to be heard as a music artist. Or we could just consider what an amazing fucking development this is.

Iggy Azalea Wins Paris Fashion Week

By Lex October 01, 2013 @ 3:00 PM

Iggy Azalea Wears A See Through Top During Paris' Fashion Week
Fashion is really fucking boring. I understand that many people feel the same way about my loves of football, home brewing, and stitching bed quilts out of women’s worn panties I purchase on Craigslist. I judge you, you judge me, this is how it’d supposed to work. A bunch of people gasping and applauding over the reboot of a dress style. I’d rather watch paint dry, or women’s basketball.

Here’s that super white Australian rapper Iggy Azalea proving me wrong. Fashion can be interesting.

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Iggy Azalea’s Stripper Moves Onstage At The Glastonbury Festival

By Lex July 01, 2013 @ 2:56 PM

Iggy Azalea In Booty Shorts Onstage Preforming At The The 2013 Glastonbury Festival

Used to be a girl would get in trouble from shaking her hips onstage. Now, she needs to pantomime the top five trending clips on YouPorn to make the cool kids list. Parents are outraged, but you need only look at the statistics to see that teen female pop music fans are giving up the goods to boys less now than ever before. On the other hand, girls who listen to contemporary Christian music are still surprisingly willing to give you a hummer. Just a note to the young men out there. Her parents will never question you twice when you suggest driving her to the Amy Grant concert.

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