'Iron Man 3' has a trailer

The first trailer for ‘Iron Man 3' was released this morning, but there's no AC/DC or Black Sabbath to party too this time, because things are now looking bleak for Tony Stark for some reason. I however am thrilled, because this is written and directed by the amazingly great Shane Black, who replaces the sort of ok Jon Favreau and the absolutely awful Jennifer Anistons boyfriend. But Stark is very grumpy, and not even...read more

first pictures of Iron Man 3 villain Iron Patriot/Coldblood 7

Despite their best efforts, Disney can't keep the villains for ‘Iron Man 3' under wraps forever, and I mean that in the literal sense, because here we see James Badge Dale on set as Eric Savin, who for the most part just stood around under a blanket. In the comics, Savin is a soldier who loses both legs to a land mine. Those are replaced with fancy robot legs and he eventually becomes a cyborg mercenary called ...read more

Robert Downey Jr. will make $50 million for 'Avengers'

When all is said and done, ‘The Avengers' will probably settle in as the third highest grossing movie of all time (after just 19 days it's already number 11 with almost $1.1 billion), above the $1.32 billion the final 'Harry Potter' made, but well below the $2.78 billion for 'Avatar' and the $2.18 billion for 'Titanic'. So it would seem the deal made for Robert Downey Jr. that pays him box-office bonuses and a...read more


I think we're close enough now for me to admit this trailer gives me a raging hard on. It's got fighting robots and flying robots and guns and explosions. All it needs is some hot girls with big boobs in bikinis and it will be like they filmed the cover of my 5th grade notebook, only minus me declaring TLA for Tiffani Mellili and her telling me I'm gr8.(click the WIDESCREEN tab in the lower right corner to get rid of...read more