Isabeli Fontana Lingerie Stylings And Shit Around The Web

Isabeli Fontana doesn't even look like a Brazilian chick. She looks likethe hot chick who got out of Jersey. I can't tell if this is a compliment or a put down. Whichever turn you on more, Isabeli. Here is the Brazilian beauty in lingerie. (Last Men On Earth) I would like to wear Daniela Lopez Osorio's ass as a hat. (Egotastic) Tyra Banks quits her show no one watches in a huff. (TMZ) Whoever thinks Uma Thurman is more

Isabeli Fontana Brazilian And Braless

At some point somebodyconvinced good looking girls in Brazil to stop eating and the South American supermodel was born. Hundreds of women who might otherwise be chubby chicks sellingmeat skewers on street corners in Sao Paolo started taking all the Europeanpeople model jobs. There's a silent prejudice against pale anorexics. Every guy knows those womeneschew caloriesbecause they hate their parents and can't wait more

The 2015 Pirelli Calendar Is Here

Back in the days when you could eat steak rare and colonic with Camel smoke and bang your secretary over a metal desk, men kept pin up calendars on their wall. Now that move will cost you two weeks in a re-education camp beneath Vassar's rugby field. Pirelli has been publishing a calendar of models since 1964, distributed to product resellers in shops and garages across the western world. Most of those calendars more

Isabeli Fontana Is Brazil's Answer to 7-1

I felt bad seeing all those weeping Brazilians yesterday on TV. It was worse than the time Maradonna told the whole world that Pele lost his virginity to a dude. But only a little worse. Brazilians, right on down to those never-before-seen Amazonian tribes who keep coming out of the woodwork for cigarettes and clean jocks, seem like really decent people. They do produce an inordinate number of the world's more

Isabeli Fontana In Lingerie For GQ Romania

I read GQ Romania because I want to know how the gentlemen of Bucharest are dressing when the sun peeks through the industrial solvent clouds each June and outdoor activity is temporarily declared safe. Turns out it's mostly ill fitting suits made of unfiltered Camel butts and World War II era bomb casings repurposed as semi-flexible polymers. That was my guess, but I pay 10,000 Romanian Leus just to stay more

Isabeli Fontana Doesn't Need a Real Name

Every adult actress makes two tough decisions at some point in their life: do I really want to have sex on camera for money, and what will my porn name be? The first part is usually answered by scars left from daddy, but picking that name, that's the real gut wrenching decision. I don't think Isabeli Fontana is a porn star, but she's Brazilian, so she's really close. Her name sure sounds like she's starring more