J Woww Shows Off Her Good Side

J-Woww has really been pushing the envelope on her skill set of late. By that I mean, she's now doing profile poses to show off her big fake boobs. It's a bold move, into the unknown, but what true artist is ever satisfied with the safe and predictable? Also, her scars have healed. Here's J-Woww convincing people outside the Hard Rock Hotel Rehab club that if they come inside, the might get to play with tits like she...read more

J Woww Shows Off Her Cleavage

I can't remember what J-Woww does anymore except for show up to events and show off her tits. So I looked it up. Turns out she shows up for events and shows off her tits. Usually she has that little truck stop troll hanging alongside like a diseased monkey pet. Oh, yeah, there she is. I can't help but think if alien scouts arrived from another planet and met these two girls first, they'd lament the fact that they have...read more

J-Woww at GLAAD Event Showing Off Boobs in NYC

J-Woww has tremendous fake boobs. I give her credit for turning what isn't all that uncommon into some millions of dollars. There's more skill to that than people realize. This isn't like baseball, where a lefty who can throw strikes at 90+ MPH is pretty much guaranteed a fat major league contract. These are fake boobs, which for a few grand, any girl can really get. I know they can all access the makeup aisles at CVS...read more

J-Woww Gets $10K a Head to Herd Her Cattle to Vegas

Still finding it weird that we live in a country where oral sex is outlawed in numerous states, but the worst of the worst media content can be distributed to 90 million homes by MTV and shows like Jersey Shore which popularize the things many of us have done before, but the kind of shit we don't usually talk about the day after, save for copping to a buddy, or explaining our way out of a drunk and disorderly arrest....read more