Jack Nicholson Doesn't Like Children (VIDEO)

I got suspicious when Jack Nicholson let Roman Polanski sodomize a middle school girl at his house. Cut to to just thirty-seven years later and here's Jack Nicholson refusing to accept a handshake from a kid at the Clippers game. You might forgive Jack for letting his skeevy Euro buddy cram his dick into an eighth grader, but Jack leaving you hanging for a shake on national TV, you don't come back from that....read more


Everyone loves a good anal rape story, and the National Enquirer and Celebitchy are no exception:Jack Nicholson was at LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to get a salivary gland problem checked out, waiting patiently in an examining room until two men in medical garb and surgical masks walked in and brusquely informed him they were interns sent to perform his “initial workup.” While one picked up Jack’s chart and studied...read more