Kevin Hart Has Sage Advice For Jameis Winston

Sometimes brevity is a virtue. Especially when you're talking to a dude who in all likelihood is two concussions shy of brain dead. Kevin Hart took his visit to Florida State as an opportunity to talk some sense into Jamies Winston which he summed up artfully as "You need to stop doing dumb shit." He then proceeded to make fun of Winston for stealing crab legs as Winston stood by looking like a kid getting accused more

Jameis Winston On A Roll

Jameis Winston is being investigated by the NCAA for point shaving in a recent game so his buddy could win a bet. His teammates think the allegations are complete bullshit because Winston is a stand up dude when he's not pinning down girls and stealing seafood to use with the seasonings a booster gave him. Also he's a very good quarterback. A backup lineman they could see for who he really is. Winston allegedly more

Jameis Winston Is A Stand Up Guy

Florida State quarterback and aspiring future ex-con Jameis Winston has been suspended for the first half of his next game because he stood on a table in the student union and screamed "Fuck her right in the pussy" multiple times. It must have been pretty noticeable because half of Florida State's bottom quadrant campus population took the time to sign up for Twitter and advertise their animal sighting. Normally more

AJ McCarron's Mom Is a Not Racist

AJ McCarron's mom, who I guess tweets about football since she did birth out a decent ball player, made fun of Jameis Winston's oral communication skills after the BCS Championship Game. Then she got called a racist by a bunch of people because Jameis Winston is black so his dumb speaking is to be treated more gingerly than dumb white guys. You know, like how everybody decided not to make fun of George Bush more