James Foley Video Possibly Faked

A growing number of experts in the forensic community believe the James Foley execution video was staged. They do still believe he was killed afterwards as depicted in the lingering headless imagery. Apparently if you watch the video more than once, outside of losing all faith in humanity and any possibility for peace on earth, you will notice there is not as much blood as might be expected. One expert sums it up:...read more

Why You Should Watch the Gruesome James Foley Beheading Video

We can't easily fix the fact that there are a few million Islamic Fundamentalists who believe slaughtering innocent men, women, children, and probably beloved house pets brings them closer to their god. They're in the business of subjugation and genocide, which is hard to root for in the world of the sane, though in the Middle East and parts of Paris and London, it plays fairly well. The Islamic Caliphate is never...read more