Jared Leto Fairly Badass

Jared Leto might be an androgynous Scientologist drone who sees dead people but at least he can fucking do something. That's him in the front climbing a cliff in Yosemite. Being sober definitely has its benefits. If your lifestyle affords it, imagine how braindead and enticed by shiny objects you have to be to spend your days looking at shoes on Rodeo.read more

Jared Leto Can Name Up to Two American Immigrants (VIDEO)

Jared Leto was tasked with the obligatory awards ceremony ode to third worldsuffering felt heavilyby wealthy celebrities because of how many foreign speaking nannies and gardenersthey employ. Also, many of them are presently fucking Czech models. Leto read a note from a guy whose wife was killed by the terrorists in Paris who refused to hate Muslim extremists who left him a single dadbecause that would only beget more...read more

Jared Leto's Stupid Hair And Shit Around The Web

Jared Leto cut his hipster Jesus hair and died it platinum blond. It's for an upcoming role he's playing in the movie Douche Bag. It goes on forever. Just when you thought Jared couldn't get any douchier. (Huffington Post) Hot girls, scantily clad, taking pictures in the mirror. (The Chive) Yara Khmidan is all greasy and sexy in her underpants. (Egotastic) Lee Daniels doesn't want to work with Mo'Nique because she's...read more

Jared Leto Hawks Fannypack

Jared Leto posted a shirtless pic of himself wearing a fannypack, which conveniently contained a link to his merch page. On the site you can buy his dumb fucking hipster fanny pack for $32.00 or a photo book he made about Haitior a poster which says "Sleep. Dream. Wake. Attack. Create. Fight. Fuck. Win. Sleep. Dream" followed by the caption "Hurry! We currently have 3 in stock" or a Vegan Leather Cuff, or some Socks....read more

Jared Leto As The Joker And Shit Around The Web

Hipster pretty boy Jesus Jared Leto will be playing the Joker in the new Suicide Squad movie from DC Comics. This officially proves there is no God and adults who read comic books should be chemically castrated yesterday. Read all about the upcoming shitburger of a movie. (Huffington Post) Lindsay Lohan parlays her coke habit into hawking a men's clothing line. (TMZ) Anna Ewers barely covers her tuna taco for...read more

Jared Leto's Cock And Shit Around The Web

Alexis Arquette, the tranny Arquette sister I guess, claims that he schlobbled Jared Leto's man parts and that it was wonderful. According to Arquette, Leto's dick was like something out of the movie Gladiator. I'm not sure what the fuck that means. Does it look like Russell Crowe overacting? Read all about Jared's throbbing Roman general. (Dlisted) Keanu Reeves makes the transition to TV because his career is...read more

Jared Leto Grazes Sexy And Shit Around The Web

PETA named Jared Leto as its sexiest vegetarian of the year. Apparently vegans get moist before the emaciated effeminate Jesus look. It's all part of PETA's master plan to turn us all into a bunch of herbivore bait. Not me, PETA. I will eat you and shit you out like corn before I let you take away my cheeseburger. Find out why the celery fellators picked Jordan Catalano as their ultra hunk. (NY Daily News) Kim...read more

Venezuela's Government Hates Jared Leto

The crypto-Commie fuckers in the Venezuelan government think that Hollywood is out to get them. That's because a couple of times during last night's Oscars, Hollywood ceased auto-fellatio mode long enough to show support for anti-government protesters in Venezuela. There have been mass demonstrations, (or as we call them in America: scary CNN riots), over the continuing mismanagement of the government by the faltering...read more

That One's Married, Taylor Swift

It probably surprised no one that Bono and U2 won a Golden Globe for their song from Mandela, just weeks after the guy died, but it's fun to pretend that Taylor Swift immediately found the lead singer at the Weinstein Company's Golden Globes after party on Sunday night to either give him a piece of her mind or try to date him. Taylor apparently partied her losing troubles away, as she danced with that Modern Family...read more