thursday afternoon headlines

MISCHA BARTON - Is being sued because she can't pay the monthly $7000 rent on her New York apartment. George Clooney is just givin away new buildings, maybe she can get one of those. (huff post) JAY LENO - will officially return as Tonight Show host on March 1. NBC says, "The program will continue to showcase many of the features that made Leno America's late-night leader." Wow. They really know how to hype more

conan just got paid

Just seven months after he took the job as host of the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien and NBC agreed early this morning on a buy-out for the remainder of his contract, which will allow NBC to replace Conan with Jay Leno. The New York Times says... The deal is worth a reported $44 million. Network spokeswoman Allison Gollust confirmed the deal early Thursday but did not offer any other details. Earlier, The Wall more

"what we're seeing now is vintage jay."

David Letterman was noticeably hoarse last night on his show, probably from cackling like a mad man as NBC and Jay Leno continue to screw up beyond all comprehension and get eviscerated by every branch of the media. Dave spent an entire 6 minute break giving a beating to NBC and Lenos plea on Monday that people not blame Conan for this mess (video of that under the cut). And last night, as he led guest more

nbc is run by retards

Last night David Letterman read some quotes from Dick Ebersol, who has been an exec at NBC since the early 70‘s and head of NBC Sports since 1989. He's mostly known as a fuckup who doesn't have any sports in his sports department. Under him NBC lost NASCAR, the NBA, MLB, and just a few months ago lost all college football bowl games until at least 2015. The NFL had been on NBC since 1939, but he lost them more

im with coco

Thousands of fans (even Green Man!) gathered yesterday in New York, Chicago, Seattle and LA for "I'm With Coco" rallies, to show their support for Conan O'Brien and to tell NBC to go fuck itself. E! says... Hundreds of O'Brien fans braved pouring rain outside The Tonight Show set, chanting "Jay Leno sucks!" as a fan dressed as Leno ran around. O'Brien himself appeared on the roof to wave to fans, and his staff more

monday afternoon headlines

MEGAN FOX - is not engaged to Brian Austin Greene, despite weekend rumors that she was. It was all a misunderstanding. A little torture and he changed his tune just like that. (wonderwall) AVATAR - made another 41 million this weekend, rose to third all time in US box office history ('Titanic' made 600M, 'Dark Knight' 533) and is now an absolute certainty to become the highest grossing movie ever. Another more

jay leno is a man of his word

NBC must be some kind of money laundering operation because Jeff Zucker has done nothing but fuck up (graph, graph) since taking over 10 years ago (it's in last place among the 4 networks, ratings have dropped for 8 straight years). Now reports say Zucker has been "nasty, arrogant and threatening" towards Conan, who "has acted like a baby" since NBC announced they were moving Leno back to 11:30. But at least Leno more

friday afternoon headlines

TIGER WOODS - is donating $3M in medical care and supplies to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti, and he may give even more to a similar charity run by Wyclef Jean. In a related story, I got a new cashmere blanket and slept like a little angel last night. Actually I guess those two stories arent that related. (fox sports) WYCLEF JEAN - Remember that story about Tiger Woods donating money to Wyclefs more

kimmel > leno. again.

When Jimmy Kimmel began his show earlier this week by doing an impression of Jay Leno and insulting him for 5 minutes, seemingly in defense of Conan O'Brien, Leno knew what he had to do: he had to have Kimmel on his show. And so that's what he did. Oh and it went just great. Question 5 LENO: Whats the best prank youve ever pulled? JIMMY: ...I think the best prank I ever pulled was, I told a guy, 5 years from now, I' more

conan is done next week

Despite reports claiming Jay Leno was outraged about the way NBC was treating Conan O'Brien and would refuse to host 'the Tonight Show' because of it, Jay Leno will host 'the Tonight Show' starting next month, and today he signed a new contract making it official. The New York Post says… Late-night funnyman Conan O'Brien's last night as host of "The Tonight Show" will likely be next Friday, allowing Jay Leno more

jay leno says he'll quit NBC too, is a bad liar

(NOTE - I started to put up a picture of Jay leno, then I realized what i was doing and stopped. Instead, it's internet superstar Shay Maria and her spectacular rack.) People don't generally stop being jackasses overnight, so it's hard to believe that Jay Leno magically has some integrity and decency now, but at least one person claims he does, and they say Leno wants to walk away from NBC because of the way they' more

morning headlines

JIMMY KIMMEL - came out last night dressed as Jay Leno. Everyone could tell it wasn't Leno though because the jokes were funny. (abc) JENNIFER LOVE CHEWITT - almost dumped Jamie Kennedy because he called her "pear-ass" after seeing her in a bikini. Then she realized that's the nicest thing anyone has said about her ass in 3 years. ( MINKA KELLY - is not engaged to Derek Jeter, contrary to reports last more

conan tells NBC to f**k itself, is leaving the tonight show

Less than an hour ago, Conan O'Brien released a statement announcing that he will not sit by while NBC breaks promises made to him and his staff over the past six years and twists technicalities in his contract to move 'the Tonight Show' in order to make room for Jay Leno. In part it reads... The Tonight Show at 12:05 simply isn't the Tonight Show. ...if I accept this move I will be knocking the Late Night show, more

conan seems upset about something

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conan is seriously getting raped (not literally)

Variety says this morning that Jay Leno has accepted an offer from NBC to return to 11:30 for a 30 minute show, called 'the Jay Leno Show', focusing mainly on a monologue and one guest, and that the show will begin after the Winter Olympics in about 6 weeks. Deadline Hollywood adds that NBC does have the right to be this god dam dumb if they choose. NBC has the contractual right to start The Tonight Show as late more