everyone hates jay leno

Normally when a talk show kicks off, they move heaven and earth to book the biggest names in Hollywood. Not just A list stars, but entertaining personalities who can get an audience to tune in and who always do well. Stars like Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Will Smith, and... read more

jimmy kimmel killed jay leno. again.

During his interview yesterday with Oprah, Jay Leno said Jimmy Kimmel "sucker-punched" him when Kimmel appeared on Lenos show and made fun of him for 10 minutes (video of that here, transcript of the Oprah-Leno interview here). When pressed about it Leno acted as if he... read more

oprah tore apart jay leno

The only thing Jay Leno has done right for the past year was hiring Jim Norton as the only source of comedy on Lenos comedy show. Other than that his stupid show was about as fun as getting raped by a bear whose penis was on fire. Jay has guessed wrong and fucked up at... read more

afternoon headlines

BRAD PITT - now that he may be single again, Jennifer Aniston wants him to know she'll take him back. But she won't beg. Unless he wants her too, and then she'll crawl across the floor on her hands and knees, groveling and pleading as if her very life depended on it. (... read more

this cost NBC $25,000 per second

While most of the bits about Conan spending millions on new characters in his final days as 'Tonight Show' host were just a joke, one thing that was very real was the tab he was running up by playing famous songs as the intro music for guests. Those songs really do have... read more

last nights tonight show cost $4.8M

With just two shows left on his run as host of 'the Tonight Show', Conan O'Brien is introducing a few new characters to join beloved favorites like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, PimpBot 5000, and the Masturbating Bear. This new character is a racehorse who rebroadcasts... read more

thursday afternoon headlines

MISCHA BARTON - Is being sued because she can't pay the monthly $7000 rent on her New York apartment. George Clooney is just givin away new buildings, maybe she can get one of those. (huff post) JAY LENO - will officially return as Tonight Show host on March 1. NBC says,... read more

conan just got paid

Just seven months after he took the job as host of the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien and NBC agreed early this morning on a buy-out for the remainder of his contract, which will allow NBC to replace Conan with Jay Leno. The New York Times says... The deal is worth a... read more

"what we're seeing now is vintage jay."

David Letterman was noticeably hoarse last night on his show, probably from cackling like a mad man as NBC and Jay Leno continue to screw up beyond all comprehension and get eviscerated by every branch of the media. Dave spent an entire 6 minute break giving a beating... read more

nbc is run by retards

Last night David Letterman read some quotes from Dick Ebersol, who has been an exec at NBC since the early 70‘s and head of NBC Sports since 1989. He's mostly known as a fuckup who doesn't have any sports in his sports department. Under him NBC lost NASCAR, the NBA,... read more

im with coco

Thousands of fans (even Green Man!) gathered yesterday in New York, Chicago, Seattle and LA for "I'm With Coco" rallies, to show their support for Conan O'Brien and to tell NBC to go fuck itself. E! says... Hundreds of O'Brien fans braved pouring rain outside The Tonight... read more

monday afternoon headlines

MEGAN FOX - is not engaged to Brian Austin Greene, despite weekend rumors that she was. It was all a misunderstanding. A little torture and he changed his tune just like that. (wonderwall) AVATAR - made another 41 million this weekend, rose to third all time in US box... read more