thursday afternoon headlines

By brendon April 01, 2010 @ 6:29 PM


MICHELLE BOMBSHELL - is one of the models used for the plastic surgeon who did such an awesome job on her breast implants. Geoff found this and thought I might want to see some tits. He guessed correctly. (screencap)

JEFFREY DAHMER - may have killed Adam Walsh, the son of ‘Americas Most Wanted’ host John Walsh. Dahmer lived in Miami in 1981, when Adams severed head was found in Vero Beach. The rest of his remains were never recovered. Dahmer killed at least 17 men and boys starting in 1978. Many of his victims were also raped, tortured, dismembered, eaten and sodomized after death. Then the agent said, “What do you call your act?” And Dahmer said, “The Aristocrats!” (people)

MARLA MAPLES - is 46 now, but looks way better in a bikini than I would have thought. In part because I thought she was dead. Nope. Alive. And not bad. (pacific coast news)