Jen Selter Might Make Out With Her Mom

Butt selfie guru and future Nation of Islam prophetJen Selter posted a photo of her and her hot mom about to make out and bump mounds. At least that's what they want you to think.A daughter and mom making out isweirdif youhave to see them at the bake sale. All good if you can close the browser.Indeed real world incestis repulsive yet dominated much of 1970's era pornography. Clearly there's a market for it. Incest more

Jen Selter Doing Fine

Jen Selter is a fitness guru credited with inventing the belfie, the butt selfie. She spends all day doing squats and taking pictures of her ass in between reading Dostoevsky's later works. If may seem like a futile existence but realize when you get a car insurance quote there's someone on the other end of the phone. People also pass out those free samples at Costco. Others shove a camera up their ass and click more

Jen Selter Is Ruined

Jen Selter is this Instagram famous model who everybody says has the perfect ass. I'm mot sure what the perfect ass is, but I'd like to think I'd know it when I felt it, right before the police were called and somebody made some accusation of unwanted touching. If you're Vanity Fair and you get the chick with the perfect ass to do her first big legit photo shoot, the most important thing to consider is how to hide more