size 2 in Hawaii, part 2

Yesterday there were bikini pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt playing basketball (here). Today there are more pics from the same vacation, this time of her playing tennis. In both she's surrounded by a fence. It's like being at a really crappy alien zoo. If it were the... read more

Size 2 is in Hawaii

Even though Jennifer Love Butter is a size 2, she's always hiding her ass for some mysterious reason.  Which is why, even though she spent the weekend in Hawaii with boyfriend Jamie Kennedy, these are the only pictures of her in a bikini. Kennedy went swimming, but she... read more

jennifer love chewit sure showed me

I used to be skeptical that Jennifer Love Hewitt really lost 18 pounds like she claimed on the cover of Us magazine, but then they compared two older candid pictures taken from the front to one professional picture from the side.  That shut me up good.  I thought she had... read more

size 2 is a natural beauty

Jennifer Love Hewitt was hot for like 15 minutes, 10 years ago, yet she’s still famous.  Her entire career is based on how she looked when she was 16.  WTF?  I know she used to be amazing, but I had an amazing sandwich 10 years ago too.  And if someone said, how would you... read more

morning headlines

SCARLETT JOHANSSON - Scar has joined the cast of "Iron Man 2", joining Robert Downy, Don Cheadle and Mickey Rourke.  Scarlett will play Black Widow, a Russian with long red hair, huge breasts and pouty lips.  Iron Man wants to find this woman, as do I.  (source = imdb)... read more

aha! i knew it!

Last week there were some pictures (these) of Jennifer Love Chew-it on the set of her stupid show, and they were completely mystifying because she appeared to be slightly less fat than normal.  Now I’m thinking maybe she was just out of food money, because yesterday she... read more


Jennifer Love Hewitt broke up with her fiancé Ross McCall last week, and even though she's back at work on her show "Ghost Whisperer", she's finding it hard to mend a broken wait a second when did she get less fat?  Oh I swear if she ruins my Jennifer Love Chew-It... read more


Keep in mind that black is slimming as you look at Jennifer Love Hewitts giant ass (bigger pic here).  This is her in a flattering color, yesterday on the set of her dumb TV show.  This poor costume designer must be about to kill herself.  All she can do is black capes. ... read more


This weeks Us magazine says Jenifer Love Hewitt isn’t fat anymore, even though she’s clearly still fat.  They have two new pictures, and both are from some weird angle.  They must have gotten every fat girl from myspace to take the picture.  Us says she lost 18 pounds,... read more


In November, Jennifer Love Hewitt took some famous pictures in Hawaii (these pictures) showing that she had gained like 1800 pounds.  It was amazing.  And in her defense, she said she was a size 2 and there’s nothing wrong with her body.  And to prove she meant what she... read more


Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a big giant t-shirt and some baggy sweatpants to walk her dog yesterday, but you’re not foolin me Big Ass.  She still has a little tiny head, and a big fat ass.  And she’s all lumpy.  She's built like a wedding cake.   I'm only mildly joking when... read more


It's probably not the most flattering thing in the world to have people thinking you're pregnant when you're not.  Oh hey look there's Jennifer Love Hewitt.  People magazine says…Jennifer Love Hewitt can't stop the whisperers. When she wore a bikini, she heard about her... read more