Jennifer Nicole Lee in A Bikini

It's hard to know when it's time to step aside as a celebrity fitness instructor. Like ball players or meth addicts. It's depressing to think of what comes next. Forty is the new thirty which is still five years past the time super wealthy men will make you their trophy wife without IMDb credits or a society more

Jennifer Nicole Lee in A Bikini

There are certain signs you're never going to catch on in the social media age. Or just one sign. You're over twenty-five. In this dystopian Instagram age, you're dead as soon as you stop growing. Anatomically. Who shall sing at your funeral? No, sorry, not Whitney. She knew better than to stick around and watch middled age marginalized ramp up to numb disdain on more

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Bikini

I like this working mom. She seems to be trying super hard to do something of some sort. It doesn't really matter what it is. America tends to reward achievers. I've always admired those who try their hardest. Like a coach who lies to his team after a big loss about how winning isn't everything. Or the speeches our Presidents make after pulling our troops out of armpit countries we couldn't make better in a more

Jennifer Nicole Lee Provides a Public Service

Just imagine your mom making ends meet by losing her bikinis around town and baring her muscular tits and ass cheeks for chump change. I know, it would be awesome. Don't get caught up in the Madonna Whore thing. A working mom is really the best you can hope for. When people around town rib you and say shit like 'hey, your mom blew me and my buddies good last night', you fire back with 'I know, I got a more

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Bikini

If you work hard enough in life, and have your bikini drop in front of enough people, you will eventually be banging the Colombian dude who invented Zumba. That's axiomatic. Zumba is the genius of aerobics, but with meringue music instead of It's Raining Men. It didn't really catch on in the U.S. until Kirstie Alley said it helped her lose 511 pounds and then millions of people signed up before they noticed more

Jennifer Nicole Lee Can and Might Hurt You

I get nervous when I know a woman can kick my ass. It upsets the natural balance of power. Men are supposed to be the physically dominant brutes easily manipulated by women until such time as prostate malignancy comes and frees them of their life of subjugation. Then their women trash their high school trophies and start banging their young tennis instructors. At least, that's the bright portrait I've more

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Bikini

This mommy fitness instructor takes lots of showers. I don't care if she's at the beach, by the pool, or wandering in the Gobi, she finds a way to go classic Cinemax on the public showers. If they had glass walls, she'd press her tits up against them while Jan-Michael Vincent was pretend shagging her from behind. I'm not sure if this is a real beach or one of those fake beaches they set up for cruise ships to more

Jennifer Nicole Lee Gets Wet

Jennifer Nicole Lee is that fitness trainer mom who keeps losing her swimsuits at public pools. I had an Uncle like that who was eventually arrested on completely unrelated charges. Those were the days when men without children could be Boy Scout leaders and Little League coaches and all the moms thought they were sweethearts. As much as we call it progress, some day we'll look back fondly on the days when more

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Brazil Flag Swimsuit In Miami

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Jennifer Nicole Lee Likes to Flash Her Waxed Bits

This Jennifer Nicole Lee fitness instructor slash I guess she's a model likes to do that peekaboo trick with her bikini bottom where she almost shows you her waxed cooch. This could be seen as sexy, or the most commonly exploited trap by tranny prostitutes to allure you into their Shanghai rice paper room of shame. I'm not falling for that trick again many more times. Why not just show us where your kids came from? more

Jennifer Nicole Lee Is a Player

I like everything there is to like about this woman. I like that she's an obvious shill putting on a staged performance in her wet swimsuits that keep falling off. I like that photographers don't mind playing her game or that I'm happy to pretend she's pouring water on her titties because she's hot from swimming in the ocean. I want a woman who is obviously staged and down with game. People are who 'real' and 'honest' more