Jessica Simpson’s Husband Squeezes

By Lex April 07, 2015 @ 9:48 AM

Eric Johnson Feels Up Jessica Simpsons Butt
This is the new world. The women make the bread and the hunk husbands play the role of doting spouse. Before you enter this type of arrangement, ask yourself this, as much as I love fine dining and jet ski vacations and having half the young female population of Tegucigalpa taking care of the babies I produce, can I handle being thirty-five and on an allowance and having to check in every hour via emoji smiley face and an explanation of my whereabouts. Also, do I mind being interrupted during the ballgame to stage romantic candids for social media. When the clock winds down that pre-nup is going to sting, but in the meantime, grab a hunk of ass and hold on. You get your next check on Thursday.

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Jessica Simpson Fresh Pimping

By Lex March 05, 2015 @ 11:14 AM

Jessica Simpson Daisy Dukes For Jessica Simpson
Here’s a plan for women who complain about being fat when getting older and having babies and aggressively overeating. Be like Jessica Simpson. Have Weight Watchers threaten to pull their multi-million dollar marketing deal. Rent a gym wall to wall, cover the windows with cardboard, and bring in two Brazilian trainers and an organic kefir fermenter to live on the premises. Take the next six months to two years off from work. Get fit. Work out a sweet new signature clothing line deal. Model. Airbrush. Be rich and happy. If you weren’t good looking before this process, I’m sure you can find an alternate plan.

Photo Credit: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Does 50 Shades

By Lex February 17, 2015 @ 8:26 AM

Jessica Simpson Does 50 Shades Of Grey
Jessica Simpson homaging Fifty Shades of Grey is a reminder that nobody edits a chick worth $150 million. Not her unemployed husband, not her gay dad, not her sister who is either a double amputee or a twice shotgun married bride, I can’t recall. Simpson might benefit from somebody waving the slow down sign on ideas that come into her head between her carefully measured snacks. You give her lip service on Fifty Shades then push Theory of Everything. Talk about a sexy love story. What’s hotter than Jessica Simpson in a wheelchair drooling into her own tits. Light up the phones on HSN. Mama’s got some acai berry cleanser to move.

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Jessica Simpson Transitioning

By Matt February 09, 2015 @ 7:02 AM


Jessica Simpson looks hot without makeup. Not in that Hottest Chick In The World sense from a few years back. More like I could totally see myself banging this softball mom if I helped clean up after the barbecue. This is totally fine. You can gaze up at that bottle of ’54 Mccallan from the corner seat at the bar and wonder if some day you’ll get a taste. Or you can order a Johnny Walker, sit back and enjoy. Bring on the frumpy draw strings and some glittery shirt you bought at Disneyland. Once you’re belly up it’s all the same. I think Simpson is purposefully procuring this image by posing with Walmart trash nobody cares about except past their prime chicks and dudes who have given up on excalibur. There’s a million things to be, you know that there are.

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Jessica Simpson Boobs Haven’t Shrunk

By Lex October 03, 2014 @ 11:51 AM

Jessica Simpsons Nipples Poke Through In NYC
Everybody is talking about how Jessica Simpson lost 472 pounds of baby weight and looks amazing. Less people have noticed the scientific marvel that her tits got even bigger in the process. I think more women would lose the last quarter ton if they knew they could keep or even exceed their previous bust size. It might have something to do with choosing the peas over the carrots in your particular Weight Watchers meal plan. Or implants. You don’t just become a bubbly blond worth $150 million without some decent decision making skills.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions Almost Hide Her Tits

By Lex September 26, 2014 @ 6:47 AM

Jessica Simpson Low Cut Sweater At LAX
The ladies magazines are going whole hog over the sight of Jessica Simpson’s hair extensions visible after she got off a plane at LAX from New York. Fuck, when I get off a plane I look like one of those post WWII refuges trudging over the Rhine carrying a broken chair and a cardboard suitcase. If there’s any atrocity it’s that those Guangdong woven locks almost covered up Jessica’s tits spilling out of her top.

Simpson had been in New York talking to Matt Lauer about her body evolution. That means she wasn’t fat, then got really fat, now she’s not so fat anymore. Simpson admitted to Matt Lauer that comments about her being a fat fatty with a gay daddy in tight slacks hurt her because she’s a woman with both feelings and hormones. Simpson said she rose above her personal pain by thinking about all the women she could help learn to obsess over food and calories and weight so they could lose nine pounds and force their husband to find a different excuse for not wanting to touch them. Then Simpson took some selfies of her new body, squirted some breast milk on Matt Lauer’s scalp to make hair grow back, and announced that she was worth five million dollars more now than she was at the start of the interview. And you want to talk about her hair.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI