Feminists Deconstruct Terry Richardson

Feminists are outraged that Terry Richardson has yet to be Arizona slow executed for the crime of being a super fucking creepy photographer who prays on young women. You know, unlike his fashion model shooting peers who just want to help young Czech teens with perfect bone structure and teen tits find fulfillment. Since nobody is bringing legal charges against Uncle Terry and his slap happy cock, feminists have turned...read more

Jessie Andrews in A Bikini

Jessie Andrews is attempting the delicate maneuver of backing down from double-dildo porn action into playful bikini modeling. A few of the more prolific porn stars have tried to pull this professional de-escalation in the past to mostly poor results. Porn is like a kid from the wrong side of the tracks in a John Hughes movie trying to fit in with the rich kids, some preppy shitface will always come along and humble...read more

Miley offered $1,000,000 to do soft core porn

Miley Cyrus is joined by porn star Jessie Andrews (though the term "star" is being thrown around very loosely in this case) in the video for her song ‘Decisions', and that would have been the last anyone would have ever heard of it except Sex.com now says they'll pay Miley 1 million dollars if she'll shoot the video again, except this time with way less clothes, and way more girl on girl kissing. Sex.com just sent...read more