Jill Martin In A Bikini

The Knicks are the team everybody claims keeps calling when they want to negotiate a better deal with their current team. That makes them basically the ex-girlfriend to the rest of the league. In contrast, Jill Martin is a loyal sideline reporter for the Knicks. If I had to choose between keeping her or Carmelo, I'd go with Jill Martin. She takes forty less shots per game but but still has the same number of NBA...read more

Jill Martin In A Blue Bikini At The Beach In Miami

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Jill Martin In A Green Bikini

It'd be easy for New York Knicks fans to dwell on being the most fucked up franchise in basketball, while completing missing the big yabbos on sideline reporter Jill Martin. Some years you win, some you lose. Or maybe you haven't won in forty years. The point is, Jill Martin. You got her. So quit your whining about what you don't have, like winning seasons, and be thankful for what you do have. Jill Martin's tits. Me...read more

Jill Martin Is a Serious Sports Reporter

I don't know much about women. But I do know women's issues. I know women have a hard time being taken seriously in the workplace. Lots of times they blame that on men for seeing women as objects. But that hate stream doesn't hold long before they get to their ultimate target -- other women showing off their tits to get attention. I guess the theory goes, if women could just stick together in a low-key, huddled tight,...read more

Jill Martin Roundballs in Miami

I remember when guys used to complain about female sports reporters. I was one of them. Don't be a liar, because before you started saying how good looking so and so sideline reporter was, you too used to complain about women covering your pro sports teams. Jill Martin and her work for the New York Knicks was hardly the barrier breaker, but she does have enormous jabbas and likes to show them babies off. So nobody's...read more

Jill Martin is in a bikini

Ever see Jill Martin on the Today show or on MSG during a Knicks game, and then wondered how she would look in a bikini? Because I have not. But only because I've never done either of those first two things, and I only know about them because of her wiki page. I also learned that her real last name is Dorfman. I like when girls with big boobs have something like a weird name or whatever because then I can use it to...read more