Jillian Michaels Nude But Not Naked

Jillian Michaels and her life partner Heidi Rhoades decided they'd each make a baby to kickstart their new lesbian family. Heidi conceived the old fashioned way. A group of LGBTQ friends spat donated jizz up Heidi's cooch until a Wiccan clairvoyant heard a future baby cry. When it was Jillian's turn to reproduce, she passed on the whole gestation hassle and jetted down to Haiti to snag an infant out of the clearance...read more

Jillian Michaels Is On the Side of Good

Jillian Michaels took time away from yelling at fat people to yell at a PETA rally to get rid of Central Park's horse drawn carriages. People have been trying to get rid of those cloyingly romantic carriages since as far back as I can remember. The new New York City mayor and his lesbian wife and a whole bunch of celebrities are out to replace the horse drawn carriages with electric vintage cars, because that is...read more

Jillian Michaels Drugged Her Fatties

Explosive moments on the fat ranch last night when Jillian Michaels was scolded by the Biggest Loser show host for doling out caffeine supplements to her team of porkers. Not so much explosive as cloyingly staged. The tubbies are already drinking coffee to shat out their last few pound of water weight before weigh in. It's surmised that this entire ruse was designed to bring back Ruben Studdard, who people forgot won...read more