Joe And Teresa Giudice Go To Jail And Shit Around The Web

Reality TV stars Joe and Teresa Giudice are going to jail for tax fraud. Before they are locked up and raped repeatedly by people who don't give a shit so much about you being a Bravo! Housewives star, bright white toothed Andy Cohen is going to interview them and pretend television exposure was good for them in the long run. Read all about how long The Giudice's can expect to be forcibly sodomized. (TMZ) more

Teresa and Joe Giudice Seem Less Innocent Now

You can only protest your innocence for so long before the court date arrives and you need to look contrite and beg the judge for leniency as you plead guilty to lying, cheating, and stealing. Joe and Teresa Giudice, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, were facing up to 30 years in prison for making up bankruptcy debts, then making a bunch of dough from Bravo and hiding that from Uncle Sam as well. Pretty more

Joe Giudice Might Be Cheating On Horrible Wife Teresa

Soon to be convicted criminal Joe Giudice is apparently cheating on his banshee wife Teresa with some random chick. The greasy fraud was spotted by RadarOnline 30 miles from home having lunch with a woman who was hiding behind a big hat and sunglasses. During the meal he repeatedly reached out and touched her with his salami styled fingers. Joe has been in serious trouble for fraud and financially shady shit that' more

Teresa And Joe Giudice Indicted For Bank Fraud

There's really nothing more satisfying than when a reality star goes to prison. I mean, short of a sex tape from the few good looking ones, this is the best you can hope for. It's some kind of Karmic justice against all the annoying people in the world wrapped up into the cell block rape of some identifiable names. I've never seen the Real Housewives of New Jersey because I have male parts, but I'm told Teresa more