Joe Jackson Can't Get Face Time

Joe Jackson wrote a post on his website complaining that none of his relatives want to see him. He didn't mention this is because many of them regularly appear on Oprah to acknowledge how he beat the crap out of them. Jackson lives in a modest condo in Vegas. He's had... read more

The Jacksons will sue. Someone.

After a series of private discussions, the Jackson family have decided to bury Michael to sue the people responsible for Michaels death. Just as soon as they figure out who that might be, if indeed it was anyone.  Radar Online says... While the Jacksons are likely... read more

Joe the Bulldog is on the case

(UPDATE NOTE - um, feel free to email me when I do things like post the wrong video. you're supposed to stop me before I make an ass out of myself, ya know) Joe Jackson was on Larry King last night, along with Eddie Murphy in character as "Joes Friend", and these clips... read more